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I'm taking a self-care year.

Fetch me another pallet of croissants.

Well, brain, if you won't shut off, you leave me no choice.

Witness the power of this ARMED and FULLY OPERATIONAL 𝒽ℯ𝓇𝒷𝒶𝓁 𝓉ℯ𝒶. :blobcatcoffee:

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publishers sue the Internet Archive

As a scientist and teacher, I will not write or peer-review for any journal from these publishers, nor will I use their books in my classroom, because their emotionally immature stunt risks the collective memory of the Internet.

Whether or not the "National Emergency Library" is ultimately a reasonable idea, there are good ways and bad ways to approach the issue, and Hachette, HarperCollins, Wiley and Penguin Random House have chosen a bad one. For two decades, scholars have been asking, "What value do publishers actually add?" Answers vary, but a bitter "not bloody much" is prominent among them. Undermining our social and technical infrastructure in a time of global crisis only gives that view more weight.

And finished it. There's playlists for both.

Fair warning that, honestly, it wore me down with all its problems over time. So if you wanna be hype about it, skip 'em.

Uncut (honestly, a *lot* of searching boxes):


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current events 

Real good video on the nature of violence in the context of protests turned riots:

Additional CW: It uses some clips as background that show cops clearly injuring people. You can still get most of the argument by switching away from the video and just listening if you don't want to see that again.

"terraform destroy is implemented on the client side, by consuming the pizza."

And crikey, Nyerguds is a name I haven't seen in ages. Found this looking for ZOUNDS.MIX, and I may well have read how to enable that from a FAQ by them back in the day.

"Employ smarter self defense logic" making armies harder to manage by trying to flee from incoming fire is the eternal bane of RTS unit AI design, from right back in 1995 and more-or-less the one that defined the genre. Units still sit around getting shelled, charge in madly, or uselessly thrash into each-other to this day.

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TIL: The original Command & Conquer had three-point-turn logic for wheeled vehicles hidden as a disabled feature:

Westwood finally put that in a finished game in C&C: Generals, eight years later, where it honestly works pretty great.

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Any cop who isn't _passionate_ about body cameras, and _passionate_ about civilian oversight of complaints - oversight with the power to fire or prosecute - is a bad cop. A cop who hands out an occasional hug doesn't get "good" status

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:blobcatmelt: also it's hot
:blobcatmelt2: it's so hot
:blobcatmelt3: i hope the aircon arrives soon

for some mysterious reason everyone is suddenly playing KSP again :blobcatboo:

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Webcomics are too real today.

(This will be , but Freefall only seems to make archive links once a newer strip has been uploaded.)

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My brain's been throwing check errors all day, and there's one that got through despite it in the panic to ready liquid before preheating pans did too much of that: s!ringpull!can opener!, obviously.

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