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Agent Smith attempts to shoot him, but he just turns into a distorted billboard sprite of a Garfield JPEG and plays a clipped soundboard sample of "bullets don't work, Jon".

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Thinking about The Matrix, but instead of Neo being a GenXer with a head full of Shadowrun, they're a Millennial/Z with a residual self-image born of furry VRChat shitposting.

Ikea saying the desk I'm after is in stock again and available for delivery this time, then changing its mind on the latter during checkout, is just cruel.

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out of all adhd symptoms the lack of executive function is probably my least favourite

"Baking is a science!", you cry in futile objection as I smile down from my ad-hoc tower of improvisational breads.

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:blobcatderpy: . o O { I could make tiger cheesebread. }

:blobcatfearful: (oh no)

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This was kind of a mess of over-wet dough of the wrong kind of flour I was using up and ran out of, and no precious yeast, but instead of forming rolls (it was unkneadable) I dumped it into a cake tin, and it seems to have made a reasonable light little loaf. :blobcataww:

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(they did the smash)
they did the keyboard smash
(they did the smash)
it was a graveyaksajfd;lj;lkjga;lkjdkjfl;jlkdjf

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What a weird and intense dream.

It was the apocalypse! End of the world! Some kind of pandemic! ... Where everyone just turned into animals, one by one, over a few days. Plop, horse. Plop, lion.

So, uh, mankind just threw a gigantic, joyful party until the end.

It was neat.

I can't help but notice these worst bouts of insomnia and general lying awake in bed thinking about various miseries tend to precede days when I need to return to work from vacation. :blobcatthink:

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maybe the real Garfield was the & Friends we made along the way

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i do kinda miss the time when i was a 15 year old girl with way too much free time who could work on fun projects like ASN.1 parsers and more IRC bots than the world ever needed

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The piles of trash are returning all along the canal. Nature is healing.

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*wakes up at 4:50am*
“why is my phone on light mode, it should only do that when the sun is up…”
*looks out of window*

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the advances in fursuit making over the past like 30 years is crazy when you think about it.
starting out with modified mascot & fetish costumes, the explosion of home made amature suits & cosplay, hobbyists developing patterns and molds, & now electronics, magnets, cooling vests.
kinda wild it's all just people who wanna dress up like fake animals and act like a dumbass

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Minecraft Steve is just the new identity witness protection gave Tommy Vercetti after he testified against the Forelli family

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@monorail [bolts upright in bed] roko's basilisk is just pascal's wager for atheists

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