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I’ve lived in Ireland for…a bit over 3 years now, and I finally unpacked my spices.

(Remembered that I can throw spices in the rice cooker)

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mass extractors: 50E
shield generators: 30E
unit factories: 20E
commander's microwave laser, stealth generator, and teleporter: 50,000,000E
monkeylords: 75E

please, someone who's good at macro help me, my base is falling

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I have been out* for over 10% of my life now 🙀🎉

I've been Online enough to see how these 'battles' tend to go. :blobcatpeek:

(actually from a pretty good SGDQ run:

While meanwhile personal computing has regressed a long way.

You choice these days tends to be light mode, dark mode, and if you're lucky, an accent hue color.

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owo, wats dis? [notices your aurora borealis]

Jesus christ there's a lot of loud and sudden fireworks going off for a country in which they are sodding illegal for personal posession. "Dark mode and other theme customization options", by which they mean "just dark mode".

Note this may have silently(?) uninstalled functional addons, too, since only "a limited number of Recommended Extensions" migrate. I can't tell, since there's nowhere in the UI showing the theme one that used to be there. At least desktop listed addons as disabled and incompatible after it's big shifts.

What a terrible release to spring on users.

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(I can't find where the heck they've put "recently closed tabs", either. They've steadily hidden that deeper in menus on desktop too, but at least there you can Ctrl-Shift-T.)

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Mobile users: you might want to head into Settings -> Data Collection after the new update that generates a notification and breaks custom themes (rip tiger stripes). I found a new, default-on checkbox for sending your data to "Leanplum, our mobile marketing vendor".

Corp was a mistake. :blobcatflip:

(I'd attach a screenshot, but Fedilab is still crashing on image uploads.)

Well that was incredible.

Also it's 3:20.

But at this point I kinda wanna see the Alyx run. :blobcatgooglyshrug:

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The Ocarina of Time co-op randomizer run is great, and while I should be asleep the runners/Spike/host interaction is spot on for good times.

And the Alyx incentive has been met. :blobcateyes:

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"Can we get a clap for that?"
No, you can not. ;_;

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