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Bit late, and the gravy didn't want to behave, but the stuffing came out great. :blobcatmmm:

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Things I am glad I bought: a decent microwave with a defrost setting that works, and a temperature probe to verify that before and after the oven.

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Merry Christmas morning to everyone who set their turkey to defrost overnight per instructions only to find it still a block of ice this morning. :blobcatglaredrink:

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Alcohol tasting 

Sonoma Distilling Co. Bourbon Whiskey: last one!'s dark and weird. Wood, smoke, and upon more sipping, lime/orange skin (not peel, the whole waxy, pithy deal), and smoked kippers again. Glad that last one is fading away. The more I drink, the more my tastebuds give up (or volatiles evaporate?) and it just kinda burns. Resting a while, and it's back to...wax? Kinda sour? Rubbery by the end? Weird one.

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it’s too bad i can’t be a cat, since that would be against my lease

Alcohol tasting 

Hudson Baby Bourbon: my tastebuds are probably a bit sweet-fatigued from that hot chocolate earlier, but this is a bit of a weird one. Spicy, quite smokey, more ash than peat or anything. Apparently they shake up the barrels with sound, so maybe that's it. Little bit nutty?

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Mmm. :blobcatcoffee:

...this is, uh, repeatedly reminding me I should probably trim my quarantine moustache.

Alcohol tasting 

Bulleit Frontier Whiskey Rye: buttercream? This is a smooth one. And yet very burny for a 45%.

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What it needed? Holding fsck's hand a bit too say "it's OK, orphaned files can go, free space can be fixed, be brave".

Problems Windows *95* can recover from automatically. :blobcatglaredrink:

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Woo, disk write error leading to read-only remount during update-initramfs. System: absolutely pooched and unable to recover from this without rolling up sleeves and Sysadminning at it. And this is a kinda throwaway give-it-a-chance-again newish install...which means I hadn't bothered imaging it yet.

Y'know, if any of you were wondering why I put up with Microsoft for all the ranting at their behaviour of late. :blobcatflip:

I remain perplexed why some jerk walks around the building courtyard revving a leafblower every Tuesday morning when there are NO LEAVES LEFT ON THE GROUND, but it still produces incredibly annoying noise for the 20--30 minutes they take doing it. :blobcatflip:

Politics mention 

The whole ascendent puritanical right trying again with SISEA might mean we just *do* get prohibition again in time for the '20s.

Although with it being on furry art, more like the rawr-ing '20s.

(There's a joke in there about Squeakeasies for you ratfolk, I'm sure.)

Alcohol tasting 

Four Roses Small Batch: mead, or at least honey! It's potent from the first sniff, and remains as a pleasant sweet taste. Whole lot of fire in the mouth too, which I think means it's lower in oils.

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Watching Prince Cinders again makes me wonder if there's actually a fully version of Lenny Henry's "Love Don't Work That Way" out there anywhere, because Google doesn't seem to have much on the subject.

🎵 Alllll dayyyyy lonnnggg we will be Wombling in the snow 🎶

Alcohol tasting 

Mitcher's US*1 Straight Rye Whiskey: slight smoke and honey? It's almost like smoked *fish* or something, which I'd normally hate. Once again a really nice one. (I'm actually not entirely sure if it was this or the Bourbon of theirs I had before; I think the Bourbon's slightly better.)

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horny and stupid 

synths be like: ribbed for her pleasure? no, that's a picatinny rail

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