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The building management company is sending out letters asking people not to store bikes on their balconies because “we’re trying to maintain a high standard” and I am tempted to but even more pride flags to put in my windows.

bad sleep, bad word 

drinking Sleep tea and listening to Symphony X at 7am because brain is a fuck

Slightly bleak humor 

(I'm also kinda pleased with this one for a very abstract prompt, which kinda requires you've paid some attention to this month's Awful Twitter People.)

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Slightly bleak humor 

All of these were correct to the degree that I forget which one was actually the *answer*.

*opens mouth to meow but only ievan polkka to the tune of wellerman with some rasputin lyrics come out*

(If you find the improv counter-ascending bassline offensive, here's a simple trio version without it.)

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Might as well use that fancy microphone for something, and the Internet has discovered precisely one (1) , .

@solitaire is to blame for realizing this works.

Sitting up: "Watching a GDQ run while too tired to do anything else would be sleep procrastination, go to bed."

Lying in bed: "Contemplate the nature of your narrative attachment to this specific electrochemical reaction in the context of transhumanism. Can you ever truly escape this meat prison, or can you merely set a copy of yourself free as you fade into the long dark? How could we ever test this hypothesis?"

Sitting up again: "hee hee videogame go fast"

in case you’re wondering how i’d fare in a zombie apocalypse just try to see how well i can reload the pistol when things are attacking me

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As part of Christmas Will Continue Until Morale Improves, I only today defrosted the last of the turkey curry, and opened up the christmas pud my folks sent.

It's too dreary out there to take these lights down.

*sets up the black knight 2000 theme to blast from another room at 4am to make it feel like I’m at GDQ*

is this effective? no
is it as many wolves as possible? yes

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so in PF2e:
level 1:barbarian, wolf instinct
2:beastmaster dedication
4:mature beastmaster companion
6:additional companion
8:animal fury
10:incredible companion
12:additional companion
14:specialised companion
16:additional companion
You are now playing as 5 wolves :ms_awoo:

day 312 of the pandemic: cuddling a pile of fresh laundry because it’s still warm from the dryer

I wish I could find a way to explain to people who don’t struggle with it what it’s like to not have executive function do to a thing you *want* to do.


I did animations for New Year's a bunch of times through the '10s. I thought I'd try to do one last, one and instead just spent two hours making myself sad and stay up about two hours later than I should've.

Good decisions. :blobcattilt:

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