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Combined with having to do some history editing to work around problems with DOS/UNIX line endings, execute bits, and the git classic "I'm not going to point out you forgot to add that new file two commits ago", this sure took a few hours.

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In the process of adding a link to this to my website, I discover Ubuntu have updated Ruby to a version that breaks the version of Jekyll they ship.

Sigh. This is why I lean so hard toward rolling all the generative stuff myself (like that mutator) with ad-hoc Perl scripts. At least C/C++/Perl-era languages are really resistant to making breaking changes. :blobcatglaredrink:

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Dug out an ancient mutator I wrote that had been languishing on a few hard drives, and probably long lost on the University CompSci department shared install...

Dear ...why *does* the default XFCE spin have four different things fighting to control keyboard layout, not counting dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration?

Also yes I know it's February.

I'm not even the only one around here still trying to fight off the gloom with increasingly unseasonable xmas lights (respect to the homeless tent on the canal with some clipped up), so cozy avatar remains.

The Rust borrow checker seems to do enough verification that I'm not telling it insidious lies (including through omission) that I'm a little surprised it can't just infer the worst-case of any return branch, and needs these annotations at all.

tired: fjfjfkdjdjflfjwhrifjkdlvuvyebr

After 4+ years in Ireland, finally had a chocolate Kimberly.

Kind of a mildly gingery rearranged teacake. Interesting!

TIL that there's a fonts-monofur package in Debian, while looking for something that'd render nicer on a standard-res screen, and was tickled by the name until I realized the package homepage is Eurofurence.

And while it's a .net version that seems to be camped now or something rather than the .org, it *is* *that* Eurofurence, if you track back from here to the regular version of the font:

So I guess my terminals just got 20% furrier.

tired: this meeting could have been an email
wired: this application could have been an excel workbook

Also everything about BIOS vs UEFI boot continues to be an absolute mess in random consumer PCs.

This particular one seems to UEFI-boot off the internal drive, but only MBR-boot off USB sticks. This confuses the Debeans.

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It's 2021 and I'm still trying to help my Dad get wireless working under Debian on his laptop remotely.

Dear laptop hardware manufacturers: please stop using crappy new proprietary chipsets that don't have in-tree drivers yet. This doesn't even look like missing firmware, because Debian have a nonfree spin of the live image these days.

The building management company is sending out letters asking people not to store bikes on their balconies because “we’re trying to maintain a high standard” and I am tempted to but even more pride flags to put in my windows.

bad sleep, bad word 

drinking Sleep tea and listening to Symphony X at 7am because brain is a fuck

Slightly bleak humor 

(I'm also kinda pleased with this one for a very abstract prompt, which kinda requires you've paid some attention to this month's Awful Twitter People.)

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Slightly bleak humor 

All of these were correct to the degree that I forget which one was actually the *answer*.

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