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Malta, Italy, and Iceland in 3rd, 4th, and 5th. We're in with a chance to get something interesting winning, rather than the crooners. :blobcateyes:

"It's reminiscent of The Grinch." I love this RTÉ commentator sometimes.

Fuckin' hell, Lordi rocking on a rooftop. That's one way to cover time while the votes roll in. :metal_paw_o1:

'salright though, he's off to the kitchen to get more Baileys®; he'll warm to it

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"If you feel a real need to vote for Ukraine, well, then, you can" -- RTÉ commentator has no taste

I love how so many entries were like ALL THE COLOR ALL THE BOUNCE this year, like we're all so tired with the entire rest of the year. #Eurovision

: "Sweden's is a perfectly well-executed pop song. That's just not enough."

Netherlands with a strong one, although it's a little lacking in dynamics. It's kinda run out of anywhere to build to.


ye sure y'really wanna outdo the British for national stereotype bombast, tho

Germany no longer gives ANY fuck and is loud about it for the benefit of mankind. Thank you, Germany. #Eurovision

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