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spoilers for eurovision 

You indeed cannot kill rock and roll. :metal_paw_o1:

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Seriously Germany I still love you for giving us such a happy moment. #Eurovision

spoilers for eurovision 

It's leather flares time HERE WE GO

They've been so tearful I wonder if they can even perform it :blobcataww:

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spoilers for eurovision 

OK, we've knocked out France. Disaster averted.

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"Hey UK look we do the voting thing too, how d'you like it :D" says Europe, for once united. #Eurovision

Malta, Italy, and Iceland in 3rd, 4th, and 5th. We're in with a chance to get something interesting winning, rather than the crooners. :blobcateyes:

"It's reminiscent of The Grinch." I love this RTÉ commentator sometimes.

Fuckin' hell, Lordi rocking on a rooftop. That's one way to cover time while the votes roll in. :metal_paw_o1:

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