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Let's see if I get some proper Socialist Teeth the second time 'round.

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Going underground? To travel quickly across a built-up area?

Subway? More like SUS-way.
:blobfistbumpL: đź“Ł

Anyway it's beautiful out.

Day off well spent (because my apartment is a greenhouse and the stuff I'd be doing at my desk is useless computer things).

Yesterday I was reading about SIGSALY, the WW2 encryption system used by the allies and I'm kind of staggered they were doing digital, encrypted speech transmission this early? Used vocoders just a couple of years after they were invented, and a one-time pad that was stored on an identical pair of vinyl records? Wild.

Anyone know what happened to ? It sounds like the maintainer got burnt out having to deal with...something, someone? /

Annoyingly Wayback Machine doesn't have actual forum threads, and with the live copy shunting everything to a "closed" message, that's a bunch of retrocomputing emulation knowledge sealed away too. :blobcatumm:

religious horny-memey sh*tposting 

1) God Made You in His own image
2) God Made You Submissive and Breedable


God is Submissive and Breedable

Browsers really did come along and just eat all the RAM, didn't they.

88MB for a GUI with FTP client and photo editor running.

That's twice this year Italy have saved us from loud nationalists winning a European competition. :thumbs_up_paw_o1:

Two hours into the sinister government injection, still no cat ears or huge fluffy tail. Awful. Terrible.

Protogen body horror film that's one of them being found passed out in a dumpster by 8-Bit Guy and "refurbished".

I have located FRIEND in VRChat.

(It's an aquarium instance. Um. It's favorited, but the VRChat web portal is so useless I can't turn that into a, like, *link* to it.)

is she, you know…a friend of blåhaj

(This is after I get paged awake because the oncall on the other shift undrained a thing that was still broken at handoff time, which at least let me catch the silence which would have expired soon after, but did nothing about my dreams transitioning from "neat speedrun" to "anxiety that the pager went and you ignored it, wake up, wake back up", or that someone decided to ring my damn intercom then run off.)

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All this CPU power burnt to allay an ancient fear, while the real risk these days is my browser getting confused about if a website is my bank or not.

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