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I wonder if Masto can handle's a DOSBox-captured video, so it's native-res, using the Zip Motion Block Video codec. ffplay can play it right; VLC screws up the palette entirely.

Hah, no, "failed validation", I can't attach it at all. But, surprise, YouTube actually can!

I mean it's probably transcoded it into fuzzy VP9 or something, but. :P

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In theory this is 100% within the capabilities of GIF, but I have the horrible feeling trying to actually capture the result would take another hour, and then modern websites would fastidiously transcode it to WebM or something anyway.

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Created an integer palette fade in/out in Allegro 4 and am feeling *unreasonably* happy about it.

This oughta be very easy with modern shader stuff even in truecolor or even HDR, honestly. But even with 8-bit, doing saturating decrements down to zero means the darkness swoops into the image in pools, leaving the brightest spots until last: it gives an HDR-like effect on early '90s hardware. And is era-appropriate, unlike floating-point equal interpolation/big black semitransparent GL quad.

angry at browsers 

"On Windows, there will now be fewer interruptions because Firefox won’t prompt you for updates. Instead, a background agent will download and install updates even if Firefox is closed."

*Absolutely* fuck all the way off.
That's the thing that breaks opening new tabs on a regular basis if you've had it on, or have done updates on Linux while FF was running. :/

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angry at browsers

"With 94, you’ll find a selection of six fun seasonal Colorways (available for a limited time only)."

Absolutely fuck all the way off, .
Remember when it was the open browser, with loads of extensively-customizing themes?
Good times.

It's actually "Frankenstein's monster"; Frankenstein was the creator of the monster. Similarly, it's actually "The Earl of Sandwich's Informal Late Night Card Playing Snack"; Sandwich is the name of its creator, the Earl of Sandwich

DOOM screenshot, sorta, so blood 

My favorite part of lf_yt's VRC Doom world might just be the pixellated live front view of your own avatar on the "status bar".

(Not to be confused with the 3/4 one this renagen has in its HUD, which is handy for telling what expression you're making.)


Heh, when I scribbled vigorously over this in Markers, I missed it had expanded the canvas with a transparent stripe to capture the overshoot. Cute. :P

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anyway I'm currently experiencing Customs Joy™ getting my upgraded Christmas (/Fursuit) lights delivered from the UK, and the latter half of October apparently vanished in a blink, so it's still Halloween as far as I'm concerned

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Oh right, I forgot to post something scary yesterday.

Uh, have a screenshot from when I was doing something unwholesome to a Win98 VM trying to find when the Media Player taskbar was introduced.

christ alive, I'd also like all the *freaking smoke* from this going for hours from seeping into my apartment *with the windows closed*

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I also notice, thankfully in time, that this successfully derailed me from the thing I was ACTUALLY DOING, setting a time for something in the oven, which is why any popup of this form is user-hostile as hell.

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(It's also frequently regenerating notifications, but I can revoke that permission...which is presumably why they implemented *this* horrible thing instead.)

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Ah, Android has decided to start being Annoying and trying to interrupt me on unlock to get me to install the new, horrible version.

Upgrading to Debian 11 has finally brought me GTK+3 apps that draw their own ugly blobby borders, and all I can think of is how much flak people gave Windows XP for a much milder case of this.

Also it broke all my existing themeing of course because desktop Linux has no respect for users' time nor preferences. Backwards compatibility holds back the (spinning-in-place) progress to reimplement everything constantly.

"nooo I moved too fast and broke too many things"

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