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Did some work yesterday putting together packaging for the macOS version and uh... I guess I just can't help myself

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Firefox really just does not respect users' preferences any more, does it. Apple levels of "we know best".

once again wishing there was a debug interface for my body actually telling me why i have a headache

I think the most annoying thing about the MS AV in Win10 is that "allow on device" doesn't work. It treats things like VNC as "hacking tools", but 1) if you're not fast, it'll automatically quarantine them before you can allow them, and this includes just after restoring them from quarantine 2) it doesn't propagate that allow to volume shadow copies, so redetects it there and then fails backups.

It's 2022 and AV remains an absolute curse.

Percy's an original International...Proto...Machines Personal Computer, all chunky low-res greenscreen CP437 text graphics and big floppy floppies. He's the bland sensible guy everyone is about to back over his flashy peers.

I've got a few of these I wanna do, so much so I'm kinda grouping them a bit like this by approximate design. (We'll see if health, mental and otherwise, will let me actually do the rest.)

(Also available on my FA gallery, if you brave that kind of place.)

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Alton showing Percy his pet mouse.

Some retro protogen I'm doing, trying to actually be accurate to specific period machines. Alton's an Xerox Alto, a crazy-ahead-of-its-time graphical workstation with a high-res monochrome portrait screen. He's a big chunky industrial boy, but pretty mobile on his castor heelies.

In another data point for "SMART is worse than useless": got an external drive that is resetting under load now (such as running the backup to it...and presumably restoring from it, which means I'm down to N+0 on some stuff until a replacement arrives), and *even though SMART tests are sometimes interrupted by this* it's SMART overall health assessment is still "all hunky-dory here, chief! :thumbs_up_paw_o1: "

(no it's not the host, I've swapped it to an entirely different machine to test)

(Kinda hoping if I *do* go to VBox 6.1 it'll at least fix a stupid host-0,0-mouse-warping issue I have with mouse integration *off* that makes it useless and I can't find anyone else experiencing, at least.

Yes, ironically this is a problem in combination with games...which is what the 3D WinXP VM is for. It's been broken a while. Software updates are a sadness.)

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(I was kind of wishfully hoping someone would dive into making the new VboxSVGA stuff work with XP, but I can't exactly blame the VBox devs for not doing a feature nobody is actually *paying* for, nor can I exactly blame that there's no hobbyists out there deeply gung-ho about diving into grody legacy Windows driver internals.

The Foones et. al. of the world are still playing with 3.1, after all; 95 at most.)

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Ah rats, Debian stable's kernel is new enough that the VirtualBox 6.0 guest additions don't build for it any more.

VirtualBox 6.0 was the last branch to support 3D accelleration passthrough for Windows XP, because they reimplemented it all and didn't bother with the guest addition 3D support for pre-WDDM.

Since it runs a service, I suspect you can only have one version of VirtualBox installed at once.

I don't think we're quite Future enough to be doing nested VM/emulation stacking here yet.

There are bunnies frolicking outside my window. FROLICKING. On a Monday morning. I can't be expected to work under these conditions.

Every day should become 3 days: The normal day that it is today, another day just to rest, and third day for all the stuff I meant to do / should do but didn’t get around to.


i have a few different printouts of my covid certificate and im always worried i grab the wrong one, because one of them has the QR code replaced with rickroll

do you ever wake up, check Twitter and the news and decide to just go back to sleep and try again tomorrow instead

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