considering instance hopping again

do all my friends federate with gulp cafe??

also what are some other furry instances besides plush city and yiff life??

would you follow me just to look at how cute my sonas are??

came in with 5 dogs on my schedule, now after being slightly bitten by 1 and a few cancellations, i have 2 dogs today


sometimes i feel like people think i don't know what i'm talking about when it comes to training dogs but like

flapjack was such a good example of the fact that i Do know what i'm doing and i Do know what i'm talking about when i'm telling you your dog is misbehaved because you allow it

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i miss my dog

not only because i love him but because like

hes so much better behaved than this dog and it's because of all the work i put into him

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constantly having to remind myself he's not my dog and that's why i shouldn't put financial effort in to him

after a week, nothing i did will matter and he will go back to being a terror with no direction

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constantly embarrassed by having to use a retractable leash for the dog we are babysitting

he doesn't have anything else but i might buy a cheap leash because i Hate this fucking thing

i used to think freaky friday was a good movie

just tried to rewatch it and we had to turn it off because of how infuriating it actually is

🔞Art Glow-Up! Pt 1🔞 

I thought it could potentially be cool to pull up comms from regulars, and see the difference in old comms compared to new ones while I’ve been improving!

Part one!
One year (and some months) difference with our snakey friend here! Belongs to @Aarkethrix

Top is even the same colors, haha

begpost, asking for small amount, boosts appreciated 

Hello everyone. So my Ehvi and I have been taking NADH + CoQ10 to help manage #LongCOVID symptoms it has been a tremendous help. We are out and have no means to replace it, so I'm asking for donations to get a supply built back up. I need at least $30.54 to get it. I am currently still out of a job and Ehvi is permanently disabled.



Thank you.

My disabled ass is having trouble pulling together for the last few days of crowdfunding on GoToSocial, so if anyone want to help us get to £500 total donations, that would be amazing!

You can share about the project on your own, or if you have a particularly favorite post from the official account over on @gotosocial boost it!

Or you know, just go to the Open Collective and donate today!

#OpenCollective #CrowdFunding #ActivityPub #GTS #GoToSocial

Friendly reminder that activated charcoal is an active detoxifier to anything that you take, and anyone taking medication, hrt, or supplements should avoid it entirely. Things it will disrupt include:
- hrt
- vitamins
- medication
- birth control
- dietary supplements
- painkillers
- antihistamines

decided i'm done being irritated with the people we live with not training their dog so i'm just gonna do it while they're gone on their trip

Furries and other folks who commission art: Do you ever follow someone just because you like their OC/fursona/etc and like the art that they pay _other people_ to do for them? Is that a thing you're actually interested in?

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