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🌙 I hope you think of me whenever you look up at the moon~ 🌙

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My interests and hobbies 

Just reposting whatever I remember from my old account but here are some of my interests and hobbies!
- Video Games
- Anime
- Rubik's cubes/Speedcubing
- Yugioh (the card game)
- being gay
- Taking selfies
- Anything medicine/medical
- Electrical engineering
- Programming
- Talking with people (this is the biggest one)
- Cuddling
- Meow

selfie, no ec 

my smile is a little pretty i guess :3
everyone should talk to her and be her friend!! :3

i think my break from ffxiv is going to be indefinite unless i can find people to play with

epic luna fact: my favorite color is yellow!! 💛💛💛

still waiting for a new obsession so im not bored all the time

anyone wanna chat? i love making friends with anyone :3

i wish my personality matched what i show on the outside

if i want to meet new people then just maybe i should post and interact more 🤔

i want someone to voice chat with and chill with so bad rn. cant find anyone D:

boost this post :boost_ok:
im looking for more followers to meet more people :3

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