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My interests and hobbies 

Just reposting whatever I remember from my old account but here are some of my interests and hobbies!
- Video Games
- Anime
- Rubik's cubes/Speedcubing
- Yugioh (the card game)
- being gay
- Taking selfies
- Anything medicine/medical
- Electrical engineering
- Programming
- Talking with people (this is the biggest one)
- Cuddling
- Meow


What is the best invention and why is it the air fryer

might just delete my fedi for good and cut everyone off.

hungry but I'm not making any more beg posts from now on. so ill have to get used to being hungry again.


took a bunch of benzos and adderall this morning and I feel so relaxed and nice :blobmelt:

Stella is probably going to be fronting more often. So everyone should talk to them and get to know them.

πŸ–€: Hello, right now Luna isn't feeling to well so I'm letting her rest. For the mean time I'm Stella if you don't know me. I don't really like labels but I'm demiromantic and ace and go by they/them. I'll be fronting for a little bit but still feel free to message Luna it will just be me responding.

Why are a bunch of people suddenly talking to and interacting with me

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