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πŸŒ™ I hope you think of me whenever you look up at the moon~ πŸŒ™

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My interests and hobbies 

Just reposting whatever I remember from my old account but here are some of my interests and hobbies!
- Video Games
- Anime
- Rubik's cubes/Speedcubing
- Yugioh (the card game)
- being gay
- Taking selfies
- Anything medicine/medical
- Electrical engineering
- Programming
- Talking with people (this is the biggest one)
- Cuddling
- Meow

does anyone want to help me get the portal 2 co op achievements

i have an irl date planned with this cute trans couple and I'm so excited <333

learned that a top coat can be used as a base coat and vice versa. big nail polish has been scamming us this whole time.

just finished quake 1 and all of the episodes/expansions! so much fun!

So I talked to a lawyer but I most likely won't be able to get disability because my therapist is so against me getting it and wants me to get a job despite my objections :/

can anybody help me find a disability lawyer in Washington :boost_ok:

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