how many browser tabs do you have open currently?
(sadly I can only have 4 choices)
if you pick 200+ then comment exactly how many you have! (there are ways to check without counting)

@LunaStella 224 apparently, but many of those are in simple tab groups, so fully unloaded

@LunaStella on my work computer where nothing is saved when firefox closes: 10

saved on my home computer, split between firefox and seamonkey: about ~15ish?, plus like ~20 tumblr posts that i am planing to queue as space on said queue starts getting freed up over time

commenting on results 

@LunaStella i am shocked at the tab discipline most people apparently have on this site

commenting on results 

@carcinopithecus I'm actually a little surprised there are people with wayyyy more than me. I thought 80 was a lot.

commenting on results 

@LunaStella from the way people around me talked (and the various friends and acquaintances whose devices i've seen in person) i always figured most people these days hit anywhere between 50 and a 100 on a regular basis

but yeah, 200+ is........ yeah :blobsweats:

@LunaStella at the moment, 463. every so often I make a committed push to bring it down to the 50-100 range, and sometimes I can keep it there for a little while, but once I end up with a topic or two where I want to retain context or information, the tabs start piling up again, and eventually it spirals out of control. I've had over 1000 before, I think I got to 1100?

@LunaStella I've got 5 browser windows open across two different browsers (over 60 tabs). I usually have 100+ but I've been successfully keeping the number down lately :akko_fingerguns: I currently have 6 open, but it varies wildly, I try to keep it under 10 most of the time, but that can't always happen

@LunaStella I prefer using bookmarks when my tabs exceed 20. Saves the battery a bit.

@LunaStella 13 but only because I'm at work.
I usually have 2-3 open at a time with the occasional 5 or 6
As soon as I'm done with a webpage, it's getting closed

@LunaStella 458 spread across 2 windows (141 + 317), Tree Style Tab keeps it more organized than it sounds :bloblurk:

@LunaStella 40 tabs across 3 windows.
Last tab reset was 2 days ago.

@LunaStella I had more than a thousand on my phone just a minute ago, the problem is that I accidentally closed them all while trying to get the exact amount...

@LunaStella 2 years ago i was regularly between 300 and 400...

I once decided i would take a bold step and get *under 200*... took me a couple of days... then quickly went back up.

Then one day i decided that *under 100* should be my limit. I went there in a few dans, and since then i regularly take the time to check and close some unused/unusable/not-useful-anymore..

I noticed that when i am stressed and/or in a tunnel/project i regularly explode the number.

I never liked to use bookmarks.

@LunaStella I voted on my phone the other day and only got around to checking on my laptop now: I have 394 tabs open in Firefox at the moment, but only a small fraction of them are loaded of course. I use the Tree Style Tab extension to keep them organized

@LunaStella i used to have (and technically still have) 200+ tabs open in firefox bc i used the tabs feature as an alternative to the bookmarks feature (i had treestye tabs installed so it didn't get unwieldy or anything), but since the latest firefox update firefox tries to load all tabs at once whenever i start it so i had to switch to another browser (which is why i cannot tell you how many tabs exactly i have, is what i'm trying to say)

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