HRT Clinics, Vegas, Trans Friend in Need, Boost Please 

I have a friend who is just coming out in Vegas.

She is looking for HRT clinics that do informed consent or can easily get access.

I'm unsure if I know anyone who is from or lives in the Vegas Region.

If you do, can you possibly contact me?

Boost this if you can, And I can relay information to her.

It would mean the world, she means a lot to me.

selfies, eye contact, affention directed at veiwer 

*blows a kiss*

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money request, urgent, :boost_requested: 

tatiana's trying to move in with a friend, she needs $800 to pay rent this month. i know that's a lot, but she really needs a place to stay, and any help would be greatly appreciated

venmo @/Tatiana-Toplitz18

URGENT: meta, defederation, kiwifarms 

Kiwifarms set up a Pletoma instance to fill the gap until they’re able to set up a forum to harass and harm again. I recommend suspending the instance at ASAP.

e-begging, currently unstable/abusive housing situation; a bit lengthy, sorry, also a little bit of uspol talk 

i hate to make this post, but i fear my imminent future might leave me kicked out of the house i'm currently in.

i live with my parents, and they are dangerously conservative to the point where last night, i talked to my mom about how unsafe i feel with the coup that just happened, and she said "well i feel safer knowing the coup happened!", in which when i stormed back to my room, she threatened to unscrew the door knob if i don't keep talking to her.

in the past she threatened to kick me out for not cleaning out my room, and considering that alongside this recent event, i fear things may go downhill extremely quickly.

and regardless of if i get kicked out or not, i still need an emergency plan for in case things get rough and even more abusive than things have been getting; my parents yell and fight all the damn time, and now they're doing it to me more often.

i urge you to NOT donate if you don't have the money to! don't put yourself under pressure if you don't have the funds to support me! but if you do have the funds, i would highly appreciate the donations though, if you have the money for it!

the only funds i will use immediately are funds to get a face mask, since i have lost* my face mask. i may also consider getting a cheap portable computing device (cheap phone or laptop) since, as it stands, my current laptop is in no condition to be used as an actual laptop, and i don't technically own my phone, so that's a big issue if i do get kicked out, i NEED a computer to do any work for my patreon.

the rest will be used for transit and long-term financial support in the future; i know someone who would be willing to temporarily house me should the need to be re-located arise.

*i suspect my mom threw my face mask away behind my back, since she doesn't believe face masks do anything against the coronavirus.

if in the end it turns out i don't need these funds, i will be sure to give the money back to everyone who has donated, you have my word on that. (beware, deadname in there unfortunately)

gdq, abuser ment 

So yeah zi've heard from multiple trans masc folks about LLK's harassment towards them and believe the claims wholeheartedly

Moreso because zi've dug up some of LLK's ableist behavior and shitheel tactics

Someday zi'll share what zi dug up and hopefully it'll wind up making the event safer for trans masc folks but from what zi've heard, gdq swept it under the rug by letting LLK change names to the current moniker :|

mutual aid request 

I’ve continued looking for employment and been trying to do everything I can since, including sex work. I haven’t been able to find anything since, I’ve been living off rice and eggs and anything my roommate doesn’t want to eat, and bills and rent are coming up soon. If you can, please help. I’ve been looking for work for close to 9 months now, but the only callbacks I’ve received are rejections.$chillauryn

asking for help, housing, please boost 

Hi, firstly we're an ADHD disabled white trans plural system in Baltimore county MD. We have a cat and are stuck under our abusive parents.

We need someone to take us in because we can't really get out any other way, we can't drive or work. Living here has been extremely detrimental to our mental health, and we really needed out a long time ago.
It's rough rn but if you can have us please, heck even if you need another person to drive us there.

asking for help, housing, please boost 

...please just get us out of here

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asking for help, housing, please boost 

...please just get us out of here

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Feature request: Make it possible to change a username · Issue #15320 · tootsuite/mastodon -

"I know it's technically difficult, but still it's very important for trans and non-binary people to be able to change their username. For especially trans people it forces them to use their deadname or they are forced to make a new account. In either way they are forced.

Maybe if implemented, it should maybe be limited to e.g. 1x per 3 months. On the birdsite it's possible and it is one of the reasons people stay there."

#mastodev #deadname #trans #transgender #nonbinary #enby #username

Tatiana needs help again. She lost her last place due to domestic violence and is current living in the woods in Vermont, USA.

Today she asked me: “Food and shelter please i can get a place ro stay for a week a friend her parents said i can stay in basement for a week please help me get this money im begging im scared im going to die soon if i dont find real shelter”

She needs $250. I know that’s a huge ask but I need to at least try to help her.

Venmo @/Tatiana-Toplitz18


Request for monetary generosity 

Today's the day. I'm moving out of my parents' house and in with my girlfriend! I'm very excited! I have a job I'm gonna start next week, but I have some living expenses and rent stuff I'll need to get sorted before then.
So, on the off chance that you'd want to help out, my PayPal is

money request, financial issues, birthday 

my boyfriend has been struggling to make rent and groceries for a while now, bc of the debt that was unfairly pushed on him by the state of washington when they /retroactively/ denied him unemployment benefits

but today it's his birthday, so it would make me especially happy if he got to feel a little safer and more stable today. if you can help at all with a kofi or two, it'd mean the world to me<3

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