Homelessness fundraising 

Vessel is at risk of being homeless in a earth week

Anyone willing to take me in
Vessel has no documents and haven't gotten any diploma as Vessel is in a special ed program called transitions supposed to help get a job etc

It's all over having trouble doing the dishes

extremely very mega hot take 

chat applications should not have a learning curve

Asking for assistance for some friends 

So the critters who did my current profile image art are in a really rough spot. Likely going to be homeless for a bit and even when they do find somewhere to go they're gonna have a lot of bills to pay and such. They're lovely friends who absolutely deserve better than this and so we're passing along their info in hopes of getting them some help.

donations can be sent via ko-fi.com/elysiadragon

We are a simple enby system, we exist and are needlessly complex

After minutes of anthropological research, I believe I've discovered the first historical occurrence of the "Pog Face," predating the 2010 Gootecks event by a year and 8 months.

The Ur-Pog, if you will.

discord psa 

Firstly a preface this isn't an opsec thing this is an avoiding discord raids thing, don't post senstive info on discord.

A reminder that if you have a private server that you or someone else has ever linked publicly in the past, take some time and retract all the invites so nobody digging through can join and do a raid.

*places a "Not a mimic" stickynote on your forehead*
*removes it, adds "(unless you want to be)" and places it back*

@kat Y E P

It is no coincidence I think that some of the most vicious "you need PASSION" hardassery I've seen has been from people interested in making art for video games

You know. The industry that famously runs on horrific amounts of crunch

@kat there's also a cool intersection of this hardass "you must SUFFER or else NOT REAL ART" attitude and the high art vs craftsman tensions

Artists who make things to be used - your woodworker making a cool chair, your potter making a nice soup mug - are still really sneered at by the snobs. Including shit like graphic design.

Buuuut their acceptance of more practical concerns and working towards goals as part of a job tends to make them have way healthier attitudes towards work-life balance and not get sucked into the "you must SUFFER or else you don't reeeeeallllyyyyy want it!!" trap.

The snobs already hate them so they just get an even easier excuse to ignore the bullshit lmao

I even saw my sister reporting this in her ceramics degree work. The students and professors there to focus on the more practical pieces? More well adjusted! The people zeroing in on art-is-suffering and convinced the only real art they make will be conceptual pieces that exist only to have the utility of being in a museum maybe if they are lucky? Fucking miserable! Anxious, stressed, wrapped up in tearing each other down for this zero sum game of only so many places in the museum, at cetera.

And they ended up with noticeably crappier work in their exit shows if we're being honest.

It turns out that day job is a win-win all around. The people focused on hazing new artists and being hardass snobs, though, self-sabotage to the highest degree.


mm really gay and want to kiss our partners and sleep on them

Do not announce your intent to commit crimes on fedi

Do not announce your intent to commit crimes on birbsite

Do not announce your intent to commit crimes on Reddit

Do not announce your intent to commit crimes, full stop

@zaradragon Don't understand why people don't CW their posts. It takes all of a couple seconds and it's not censoring, it's giving time to prepare to read something without having to immediately reject it out of anxiety.

"closed furry species brain" and "NFT brain" are the same imo

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