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btw there's follower's only replies to this where to find us post

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assistance request, paypal link 

So we desperately need like 200 bucks in 10 days to pay off some bills.

Got bills to pay, including a really annoying one where we're trying to cancel a service but they keep charging us for the service and will not shut it off until it's paid in full.

Talk about a devious trap.

please and thank you

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fashion help request 

Can someone help me find a skirt and sweater like in this pic? Sweater can be blank I can do the screenprinting later.

Can invert the sweater n skirt colors too, black & white is my aesthetic and I can mix and match

mh- sui 

we have no desire to live and are honestly ready to end it all if we weren't to fucking drained to do it.

eh fuckit nonfollowers can see this we guess

assistance request, paypal link 

blegh, it's that time of the whenever again when we have to ask for help b/c we've got almost no income and have bills to pay

A woman in a cafe leans across the table towards a shadowy figure on a hood.

"Are you saying… it's possible to get isekai'd into another isekai? To get knocked one level deeper?"

"The real question, Lucky, is how many times this has already happened…"

This summer, join klutzy truckbait Naomi "Lucky" Shi on her accidental journey through the quirky yet problematic worlds beyond death, to the very heart of existence, where she must confront the jackass who keeps greenlighting all these cookiecutter isekai shows.


Simulcast begins August 2020 on VRV.

my twitch needs like 21 more followers so that i can become an affiliate... i would really appreciate your support

Disabled trans woman looking for roommates in Greater Boston Area by September 1st; please boost 

In Quincy, looking for 1-2 roommates who can help cover $2100/month rent ($700 per bedroom, includes electricity) and ~$90/month utilities (water/gas/internet, cheapest avg month $40, most expensive $125. I’m likely to be eligible for heat assistance during winter). 3 bedrooms (2 available), 1 bath. No pets, no smoking, vaping probably fine. I cannot pay any more than my share of rent+utilities due to limited disability income

Ideally looking for other queer roommates, who can keep the shared kitchen and other spaces clean/free of dishes regularly. I am generally quiet and keep to myself, but also am open to friendly interaction, including occasionally sharing food or such. I am disabled, and occasionally require assistance in moving heavy objects, including my monthly medical supply shipment. (Delivered to the front porch, getting it into the apartment is difficult)

Please DM for pictures or other details


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SMT4 custom music pack for Link to the Past randomizer 

Hey I'm finally getting around to publishing this. Its a bit rough in regards to volume levels but I'm working on marking down anything that's still to loud to adjust as needed for a later update.

For now here is a rough 1.0 version of Link Megami Tensei, a Shin Megami Tensei 4 and 4:A music pack for use in Link to the Past Randomizer. Just pop in your ROM and name it LMT.sfc and you're golden!

anyone know how the situation for trans stuff in the UK is for people who don't gender /are enby?
last time i heard from my UK enby friends most non-binary people just get turned down because we're not "trans enough"

please boost/retweet so i can get answers, i dont much reach

anyone know some good tofu recipes?
please boost, need some recipes for foodstuffs and dunno where to look so aaaaa
the more recipes the better,,,

not gonna lie not even gonna sugar coat it i hate the fuckin pepe frog i odnt care how much twitch chat or whatever modifies it or makes it "le funny meme" it sucks and i hate it and i wish i could stop seeing it

Monetary Aid Request 

Hello! Pls rb or donate to our lovely homie @sunflowers , who could use help recovering from spending quite a bit of cash getting a AC unit on top of dealing w some serious debt

Its HOT right now in Chicago and she could use the assistance getting her home's temp regulated, especially since this puts her dogs health at risk (& her own!!)

even $5 goes a long way or check out her shop!$elenners

assistance request, paypal link 

so uh, hey, anyone able to help us out a bit? We're running low on food and we won't have much money leftover after paying bills tomorrow

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