Flaming hot take, TikTok 

The ban of certain select apps is incredibly dangerous because of how it has the potential to inevitably fracture the internet along country lines. The internet is an invaluable tool for sharing perspective and distributing information. People are able to realize that their government is not the embodiment of themselves, and that country does not intrinsically dictate dissimilarity between us.


Flaming hot take, TikTok 

If the US government genuinely feels that TikTok poses a legitimate concern to national security (which I find borderline impossible to imagine), then this is a rare example of a situation that actually *is* a technical problem.

Enact law to put pressure on Google and Apple to make sure data leaks can't happen. If the US is serious that they need people to use domestic social networks instead, then they should maybe go as far as to subsidize their production if necessary

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Flaming hot take, TikTok 

An arbitrary ban hammer can only end in the death of the internet. We'll lose our ability to spread information globally, and we'll lose the ability to spread information freely. The undoing of these two things undo the entire purpose of the internet

Flaming hot take, TikTok 

@MadestMadness it's all a part of the new wave of anti china shit going down. like we all know they don't give a shit about cyber security, just that America as a imperialist entity is on top in petty fucking squabbles

Flaming hot take, TikTok 

@CornishRepublicanArmy Exactly. Even the semblance of neoliberal principles have gone out the window. Anything that can be done will be done now that the other party will inevitably take things one step further

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