Fox too tired and stressed. It's ruining her mood. She can't even be gay right like this.


It's hard to explain but I've just felt really shitty about my art lately. It starts out as something personal I do for fun, but then the craving for external validation comes, and I never feel like I'm doing well enough. Like my art is absolute shit and that's why it's often ignored. It makes it hard to not just want to give up entirely.

Fox want to do work or find job...just draw...and play games...


I'm playing my own version of Maid Marian in a dnd campaign~

Fox is much stress...just wanna curl up in a lap and nap...

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anti-trans fascist, anti-fascist organizing, needs your help 

Today is trans day of visibility
And yet on this very same day, a fascist organizer known as Michael Knowles is coming to Topeka to speak about how to "end transgenderism". One of my friends will be there, along with lots of other trans folks and cis allies to protest him and his bigotry.

If you want to help you can claim some of the free tickets to his event

#TransDayOfVisibility #transphobia #trans #lgbtq

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I finally got around to making a new ref sheet for my fursona!! It makes me really happy how this came out.

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boost if you're a transfem anarchist programmer

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the shapes milk does when you pour it into tea? good.

I have a lot of clothes and stuff I like, but I really want furry clothes. Like a shirt with a fox lady with boobs on it. I want everyone to know just how incredibly cringe and gay I am. Fuck the fucking world, I'm a gay ass fox girl.

I hath emergeth from my depression hole onto mastodon in the first time in months. *Who knows when I'll be back*

The feminine urge to suddenly be a muscular butch lesbian

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Shopping on Etsy is a combo of the cutest and the absolute most cursed shit in the world. There's no nsfw filter *at least not by default* and the shit I see is just incredible.


I'm starting to forget what a good night's sleep feels like. I go to bed at my normal hour, if not earlier. I wake up on time, but I'm so completely and utterly exhausted I can barely keep my eyes open. I keep getting to class late because I can't get myself out of bed until there's only like 15 min to drive to campus and run to class. I just want to sleep well and feel energized for once instead of so exhausted I feel like I just ran five marathons.

Fox brain is extremely bouncy today.

Concentration: 0

I can and will jump topics at a moment's notice.

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