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In case anyone was wondering and because I want to remind myself that I indeed do have a personality here are all my hobbies!
- Video games
- Anime
- Manga
- Rubiks cubes/Speedcubing
- Yugioh
- Programming/computers in general
- Electronic Engineering
- Medicine/anything medical
- Clothes
- Taking selfies
- Being gay
- Talking with people!

Got more cute clothes at the thrift store. :3
Will take lots of selfies when i get home uwu

that feeling when people accept your follow request but don't follow you back 😔

Someone help me find where to watch howls moving castle with sub titles

Which ghibli movie

How hard would it be to make a text based adventure where the user types what they do in vanilla JavaScript

Why is JavaScript so hard and confusing. Someone help,,,

Does anyone know a place similar to code academy for JavaScript?

Mh - 

I just manipulate and make people scared

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