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selfie no ec 

reposting a selfie I deleted. Boost :boost_ok:

Someone should take me in and take care of me and in turn they get my unlimited love <3

I think I'm starting to prefer fae/faer over she/her now

I'm so lonely :c people please talk to me,,,

Can anyone help me run away from the US to Europe

I have made so many amazing friends here and i appreciate you all so much <3 thank you for being in my life. I love you all.

Don't make all the pain useless. Don't make it a waste of time.


I had a really good day today :D had an adventure.

Selfie, no ec 

It's an androgynous kinda day. Which is rare for me.

- kinda joking 

everyone telling me I'm smart for knowing how to solve a rubiks cube meanwhile they know how to program and do all this cool shit like smh.


Bored but not motivated enough to do anything 😔

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