Medical Joke, HRT related 

Doctor prescribing HRT: "You understand that these medications could potentially reduce your lifespan, yes?

Me: "Bitch, my life expectancy is about 5 minutes from now unless I get those meds,"

1999: Hundreds of boys queuing up to go see The Matrix

2021: Hundreds of those same girls queuing up to go see The Matrix

animated icon for NINE! I had a lot of fun with this

that said, I am NOT accepting any projects like this again until I learn how to use some proper animation software lol

reposting this old meme because I've been mad about it lately

Why do they have so many accs it's a pain to block all of them

Quick animation test for something i saw on twitter a while ago! Featuring @luna! Will probably try to develop this more in upcoming days :blobcatblue:
Don't look through it frame-by-frame, the sketches are bad :ablobspin:

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