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the alternate read of this is that opening the orb chest transferred the hair on siskos head to his beard

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thank you youtube mix for actually putting a decent selection of amiga music together instead of things that are not the thing I want

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found a hedgehog out and about while walking the dog earlier, lads

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in other news I found an avatar that lets me be a mini crewmate from among us so I think I'm set

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thank you ian brutalmoose for this screenshot

wtf is there seriously no way to pick an avatar in vrchat other than going into a huge room and looking at dozens of individual ones until you see a good one

man oh man I'd forgot how shitty and annoying the tail end of halo 1 was because it sure is not very fun, at all

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its been a while since I played halo. I wonder why I stopped

I say, as I prepare to play more r-type final

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god I haven't played yakuza 0 in 2 years and at this point I'd probably need to restart it so I'd have a clue about what tf is going on

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