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not sure if whether this is too deep a cut or if i've just been chronically online for too long

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some art you post the same way you'd put down a fine crystal heirloom bowl and other art you post like throwing a pipebomb through a window

despite never doing tabletop stuff ever dungeon alchemist is still good when i get a desire to slot a map together like legos

and i found bioware headquarters, where they appear to be dealing with the alien menace just fine

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stream over! after some very interesting and not at all annoying platforming and bomb defusal we successfully sent a janitor to the alien homeworld, where presumably we're going to shoot a lot of them

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a janitor, a normal dog, and an old man join forces to save Edmonton from an alien menace, only on

yea i keep boosting that red panda guy. no i will not stop they're too cute

providing nothing wacky happens next week though, MDK2 will happen as initially planned on tuesday and your regularly scheduled yakuza will be next sunday

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hate to skip two streams in one week since thats all i do but unfortunately i have Real Life Commitments tonight, so unfortunately that means no yakuza 0

I had a briefly deranged thought I could use this as my phone wallpaper since it's roughly the right size before realising that I'm not at that power level

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