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you shouldn't fire a 2000rpm submachinegun on a plane. you should fire two

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anyway its still very funny getting to dual wield these on the air force one mission and magazine discharge both of them at an unsuspecting henchman

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theres a very strange desync on this video. thanks obs

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i got this comment on this over on tumblor and I think I could pull a bandana off

but I'd need another square of cloth and i'm not made of money you know

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thank you netflix for informing me of a new ricky gervais special but i'd rather eat pins than watch a nanosecond of that festering anus

also if you want to desperately experience what its like to be seasick, set all weapons to nbombs and have fun running around in the dark with your screen blurred to shit like a launch xbox 360 game

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also I have remembered why multiplayer against bots with literally any explosive weapon is a bad idea since they just nuke the entire map, and themselves, at any provocation

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ok perfect dark with mouse and keyboard at 60fps is very good

inconceivable to me that people exist without a fursona. fucking wild shit man

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love to look at my fursona

i'm like "yeah i'm that"

what do you mean i'm supposed to wear clothes. what do you think this thing is

this is a problem because there are exactly zero time crisis cabs anywhere where I can reasonably get to

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i made the mistake of watching a video about all the time crisis games and now I desperately want to play time crisis again

doing an scrawl and then a new OoPs page coming out right after really shows me how wildly off model I am with yings lmao

what do you mean i'm supposed to wear clothes. what do you think this thing is

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