gamedev tip: finding russian lorem ipsum text is too hard so you can just keysmash and hope nobody notices

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presumably when this game came out 10 years ago people were playing on 720p tvs on their ps3s or 360s or whatever so this """flavour text""" would have been mud anyway

[cw: blowing a zombies head off with a shotgun]
Singularity also has the honour of having one of the only good jumpscares in a videogame

that line of tiny text under the photo is definitely going on about a dog though and I want to know what it says

@dogo awful news. can't believe he govvnhs 7 37y nv8 ghnwe y y y y e

Tired: using lorem ipsum
Wired: using GPT-2 to generate plausible fake article text

@Moot 480p woulda been fine but i think at 720 youd be kinda able to see what’s goin on

@dogo I'll be honest I can't remember what things were like 10 hours ago let alone 10 years so I'm probably misremembering the technical specs of stuff from The Olden Days

@dogo although I was definitely running my 360 on a 4:3 sdtv with a scart cable

@Moot thatll do it hahah, scart’s prolly gon add some fuzz

@Moot Oh god, that's Singularity right? Man that game was great honestly (warning, could be nostalgia)

@LiziPancake yes it is! granted I'm not that far into it yet but so far despite stealing a bunch of things from other games its using them all really well

@Moot It was an original idea built on other ideas executed in a great way, give or take some minor flaws like bugs or minir story issues, I gotta play it again sometimes, glad you like it

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