attention everyone I have found a game where you run a bed and breakfast but you're a bear

wake up. i need you to leave a review right now. wake up. i need you to give me 5 stars. hey. are you listening

@Moot oh yay Ive been waiting for this!
Also waiting on confirmation if there is UI scaling and camera zoom cause its too small and far out for my liking

@Lar there doesn't appear to be ui scaling, although you can zoom the camera in but it seems like its a little too zoomed in? like its this close

@RadiantEmber @Moot when i saw this i immediately checked if you'd seen it yet. It seems perfect for you

@sunflower_avenue @Moot yeah! I am excited about it

I think I'm gonna stream it on Twitch today 🐻

@Moot Bears are famously finicky about beds and breakfasts.

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