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Hi! I'm Mythril! But you can call me "Myth" for short!

I'm a Carbuncle/Espeon. I'm nonbinary (he/they/pup) and I'm pretty friendly!

I love to draw and create! It's a fun way to make use of my time~
I love to cook! Always love making things for myself and my girlfriend~
And I love to play video games! I love J/RPG, action/adventure, and just casual games. Splatoon, Pokemon, and Final Fantasy are a choice few!


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PSA: It turns out you can pay artists to do things for you!

Who would have known? Well, furries, i guess.

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gentle reminder in light of onlyfans news that a lot of folks will probably migrate to subscribestar, which is a subscription site like patreon that allows adult content... as well as nazis

so probably don't spend your money there

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[COVID, Frustration/Anger] 

I just can't wrap the idea around my head why you would LIE to your employees that you aren't sick. How you can actively endanger SO MANY people who work around you.

Just... I'm so mad right now. But I'll just go back to working on art. All we can do now is wait.

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[COVID, Frustration/Anger] 

I want to rant about the details of my girlfriend's boss LYING to her that she didn't have COVID so my girlfriend wouldn't skip on work yesterday. Today?? Her boss went home from work early due to being sick.

My girlfriend's boss LIED to her about not being sick. Her boss ALWAYS comes to work without wearing a mask. And my girlfriend comes in close proximity of her boss on the daily.

I'll let anyone reading this guess how fucking frustrated we are right now.

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just for fun here's the colored version of that zobold test!

also an objection frame

She's here!! Meet Carbuncle (and a tiny Pusheen)!

She's honestly a lot bigger than I thought she'd be and her fur is so nice and soft! An absolutely perfect friend to hug!

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@Lar Yeah! Here's the hi-res store pic / url for the etsy. I love it, they also have different fun colors

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