normalize using the phrase "a whole nother"


now im making beans

just so so many beans

Just to note, i'm not talking about like real world political stuff because that's just the human condition at this point i'm afraid.

I mean for the season kinds of things on the topic of fear

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Posting here because i need as many thoughts as i can for reasons that will be revealed this month

what things do people find scary? What fears do you have?

CW your responses if they're too spooky

forgot what mario's water gun from Sunshine was called so i started calling it Lil Squirty in my head

I was finally able to recover the commission files ive worked on and am working on, I can finally relax a little

moral of the story kids, when you absolutely have to reinstall windows, be sure to know which drive is assigned to Drive 0 in the install wizard

the more i have to deal with this computer the more i sincerely consider giving it up entirely for an ipad. I can already do everything i need on one what's stopping me

the thing that confuses me the most is the fact that everything in the gorillaz universe also exists in the power puff girls universe

FEAR came out on October 18, 2005 and i hope everyone's ready to celebrate the anniversary of the worst emotion to come out in the mid-oughts

twitter is apparently being ddosed right now because right wingers are pissed they locked orange man's campaign account for spreading misinformation

good news everyone, i had to reinstall windows and accidentally deleted my data drive and am now spending the next 13 hours trying to recover the data

technology gore 

this is what came out of my grandmother's printer's print heads and it's still not printing black. I have my work cut out for me

i can buy pathfinder 2e's core rulebook for less than 40 dollars right now and im very tempted but that ain't gonna leave me with a lot of money at the end of the month

having fun in no man's sky again, which is great because i thjought i had forever burned myself out after playing the launch release


thinkin about that pokemon commercial where the bus driver just flat out attempts to murder a bus full of pokemon

boutta just get rid of my phone and get an ipad pro as my only mobile device

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