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Image description for the profile picture:

"Queen Bear and her boyfriend Timmy sitting side by side inside a car."

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Image description for the banner image:

"A book in front of three plushe dragons. They are leaning each on an audio cassette case.
The left dragon is pink with purple spikes, the dragon in the middle is pink with white spikes and the right dragon is white with pink spikes.
The book is opened on halfway trough."

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Hello Fediverse!

I am going to keep you up to date with things happening in the Plushy Kingdom of Queen Bear!

And now they try to get dry.
Sitting on a chair, supporting each other, so they don't fall off.

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And soon we'll arrive in Nieuw-Amsterdam!
There our humans will meet their grandparents!

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And we're now at Zwolle, in another train. A Blauwnet train. Quite small. And different from NS trains.

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We changed to the train towards Leeuwarden at Schiphol!
By now we're in the train. Waiting for good photo moments.

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At Castlefest. Maybe plushies van take part in giveaways too. So we just took a picture.

@ pattyvandelft @ (we know, this won't work. It is just for the idea.)

Delft was very nice to see!
We had a lovely lunch and went to a museum, though only Eragon was allowed to see anything there.
Food pictures!

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And we are waiting on the train again!
On our way home we'll first go to Delft.

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The good thing of stranding and having to go to a hotel is that you have another day of adventures!
We just had breakfast.

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