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god i wanna get pegged by a Renamon

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can i offer you a comforting friend or two in this trying time?

(omg i love these so much! art by aaaaaaaaaaa)

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Hello! I'm Psy Chuan, a housecat with some nice "mid teens in the early noughties" fur patterning design and colouration. i uhh i like being furry and cute and soft and hope people think of me as kind.

i like skateboarding and graffiti and dark synthwave music and i have a second character other than Psy, and her name is Melissa, and she is a robotic Renamon that Psy built himself! pictures are attached! hello Plushfriends!

cw: implied violence in some of the imagery

shaving won, closely followed be learning welsh. so hat's sorted me out for a little while then.

good job i use cheap razors.

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fediverse is objectively the best kind of social media because i can say shit like "the quickest way to improve living conditions is by dragging capitalists out into the streets and giving them the ol' Mussolini treatment" and not only will my insurance admin not ban me for suggesting that this is an acceptable way to deal with problems but may even jump into the replies with a quick "hell yeah" and a cute emoji

ADHD stuff, poll within, boosts okay 

i can only build one routine at a time. it's taken me years to build a *functioning* hygiene routine, let alone a good one, but i feel like now i'm at the place where i could chance slotting another routine in

so what should it be

so i'm explaining to a friend the way that prevention of crime does not mean "more police" and means things like financial security, food security, etc. anyone got any literature about this? she's asked for further reading

who is your favourite witch

people who write with ADHD, i have a question; how do you do it.

i'm currently struggling to fill out an idea i had a while ago that i was and still am very happy with. but i haven't touched it in weeks and i don't want it to wither away. so how do you do it? do you force yourself to write things? go and try and find things that put you in mind to write again?

boosts would be appreciated, and advice even more so. :boost_ok:

my players are complaining that the puzzles in my dungeon, the Lost Hall of Cer'i-Graffu, are too hard

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reading a bit of D&D homebrew and i read "the vaults of Tyr'Ysgol"

... the vaults of the schoolhouse?

went to the After Dark Plaza with @Zauberin and saw that they'd added a graffiti space! so i had to do this, of course

not my finest can work but it's not a great spray paint simulator

took this photo yesterday while i was out keeping bees

this song has been resonating more and more with me lately as i see a torrent of Tory shitheels on telly talking about how you can easily live on meals that cost 30p each

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rent a flat above a shop
cut your hair and get a job
smoke some fags and play some pool
pretend you never went to school

but still you'll never get it right
'cause when you're laying in bed at night
watching roaches climb the wall
if you called your dad he could stop it all, yeah

seeking advice, boosts appreciated :boost_ok:

hey so all y'all who have experience with writing and creating new words... where do you start? i'm trying to come up with a new word for a job that doesn't exist in our world but does have an analogue, and i'm struggling to think of a word for it. i'm looking for something like how "janitor" is to "custodial engineer" if that makes sense. do you go etymology hunting through synonyms or what?

just learned the hard way the telegram now has a feature where if you adjust your volume while a video is playing in the app, it'll instantly unmute the video and play it at full volume

also, locking your phone won't stop it

so that's fun

what a terrible terrible fucking idea

so tunic is a great game in a lot of ways, but i think my personal favourite is the fact that it includes "no fail mode" as an accessibility option. turning it on means you don't take damage and the only way you can die is from falling out of bounds. the game is difficult too. bosses will shred you. but tunic still has the decency to have a mode where you can just not die. i respect that

this image is the sole reason i bought a copy of the TTRPG Troika! i love this worried gator.

Bell v Tavistock Appeal is DEAD Y'ALL

UK Supreme Court said YES to puberty blockers!


how do you like your heists

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