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god i wanna get pegged by a Renamon

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can i offer you a comforting friend or two in this trying time?

(omg i love these so much! art by @sockeye aaaaaaaaaaa)

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Hello! I'm Psy Chuan, a housecat with some nice "mid teens in the early noughties" fur patterning design and colouration. i uhh i like being furry and cute and soft and hope people think of me as kind.

i like skateboarding and graffiti and dark synthwave music and i have a second character other than Psy, and her name is Melissa, and she is a robotic Renamon that Psy built himself! pictures are attached! hello Plushfriends!

cw: implied violence in some of the imagery

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I saw this asinine meme about Netflix adaptations making movies more diverse. This one was about Westerns with Black cowboys. But movies are the only reason we think cowboys were all white. Fact is, 25% of cowboys were Black. It was a job Black people at the time could get, and so they did.

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behind every cop who murders a 13-year-old child, there is a city lawyer working to keep the video secret, a prosecutor lying about it in court, a mayor giving cops more money and weapons, and a professor with a consulting firm deciding which "reform" will make the most money.

there are no words for how much i hate this fucking job and how much i hate being perpetually broke because of capitalism

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police being horrific racist murderous people 

honestly the bar for plausible deniability for cops is like

2000: "are you sure that you winked after you said we should kill all minorities"

2021: "are you sure you flashed your gun after you said we should kill all minorities so people know you're properly trained to do so"

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Minneapolis pol, "freedom fighters" 

Oh shit! Hearing dispatch talk about "freedom fighters" makes more sense now!

They're a group who "bridges the gap between community and police". Fuck these bootlickers! Yeet them out of your movement if you can identify them!

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Me in the 2010s: "trigender pyrofox" is funny

Me in the 2020s with a fennec/red panda (firefox) fursona and recognizing three distinct genderfeels: oh

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Ideal furry commission:

Low poly 3d model with custom banjo-kazooie like speaking sound and a text box saying something cute

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police support for right-wing vigilantes 

When the guy who run Internal Affairs thinks a right-wing vigilante murderer of racial justice protesters is just the bees knees, what confidence do you have in the police policing themselves when it comes to use of force against people of color?

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police support for right-wing vigilantes 

Local police official donated to Kyle Rittenhouse, the teenage vigilante who murdered a couple of racial justice protesters last year.


went to a restaurant in england and got served a plate of sad looking sausages. i said "no, four *lorne.*"

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i've jut discovered this full length version of the fireman sam theme tune, and it goes way harder than it needs to?? it's basically prog

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dont wanna be funny but they actually cant arrest everyone. we can overwhelm them

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How to make your own chemical weapons wipes 

Rosehip Medics in Portland OR documented their recipe and assembly process for their DIY chem wipes (for treating tear gas & pepper spray), you can download the pdf here:

Stay safe!

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