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god i wanna get pegged by a Renamon

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can i offer you a comforting friend or two in this trying time?

(omg i love these so much! art by aaaaaaaaaaa)

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Hello! I'm Psy Chuan, a housecat with some nice "mid teens in the early noughties" fur patterning design and colouration. i uhh i like being furry and cute and soft and hope people think of me as kind.

i like skateboarding and graffiti and dark synthwave music and i have a second character other than Psy, and her name is Melissa, and she is a robotic Renamon that Psy built himself! pictures are attached! hello Plushfriends!

cw: implied violence in some of the imagery

surprising Melissa with and whisking her into a dance to the sounds of Merry Go Round of Life

she can't blush but she would

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This is the drawing of Onja and Mijoro I was trying to get done for my birthday last Saturday, but couldn’t finish on time due to being busy as hell (my brother moved to another continent for work).

I had intended this drawing to take only a few days (hence the background being a filtered photo), but then I got to the shading/lighting stage and Operation Keep It Simple failed miserably.

#ErkhyanArt #Art_SFW #mastoart

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as i continue to look for remote work and wait on the outcome of my disability

i still need to pay bills, get an oil change, and go to dr appointments

if u could help, thatd be great

bills are like ~600$/mo
i have an extra payment i need to make of 150$ for tax issues, and the oil change should be like ~40$$gingerrroot

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What do Hawaii, Ukraine, Taiwan, and Bolivia have in common? Imperial capitalists from the US collaborating w/ local far-right & wealthy elite to the detriment of the masses. Then mass global propaganda in media, movies, history books to airbrush the atrocities & 'make it stick'.

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Merry Go Round of Life is such a comfy song

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Zine request, please boost 🥰 

Zine request !
Does anyone have suggestions of printable zines or have a recommendation for a place to order zines from that are on the themes of: breaking down the binary, dismantling heteronormativity, queer love, relationship anarchy, creating underground spaces, and safer sex/kink positivity?

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every time i get a covid injection i wish i had spent more time in the past enjoying my #1 hobby, lying on my left side

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@PsyChuan if two astronauts were on the moon and one of them booped the other on the snoot would that be fluffed up or what

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they call him Wolfgang, but imho he looks like Humanindividual

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All the bike lanes in the Netherlands
i'm so fucking jealous this is litterally the entire country

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באַלד... ייִדיש זינגען, יעדער וואָך!! אָנהייבערס זענען אָנגעלייגט גאַסט! 6–8 אין אָוונט בײַ די קאַפֿע

introducing... yiddish singing, every week!! beginners welcome! 6–8pm at the café

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M'aiq wonders, who wants to live on a bleak rock? Why not a pleasant rock?

Psy Chuan boosted is a great instance for photographically inclined users, but they're facing increasing server hosting costs and might have to shut down if they can't cover them - if you've got a spare buck or two, consider helping them stay around?

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