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Hello! I'm Psy Chuan, a housecat with some nice "mid teens in the early noughties" fur patterning design and colouration. i uhh i like being furry and cute and soft and hope people think of me as kind.

i like skateboarding and graffiti and dark synthwave music and i have a second character other than Psy, and her name is Melissa, and she is a robotic Renamon that Psy built himself! pictures are attached! hello Plushfriends!

cw: implied violence in some of the imagery

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spent the night drawing up four character sheets, typing up backstories, and creating character art

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Why can't you just, I don't know, hack Keemstar? What's the harm in that?

"Frylock the Hedgehog" is a terribly upsetting phrase

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Frylock the Hedgehog has become so popular that he is willing to do anything to have the most popular person of all time meet him.

anyone got any ideas for a Session 0 game for a Rogue, Warpriest, Cleric, and Bard?

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It's good to have opinions, but maybe there should be a limit to posting every brainfart on the Internet for everyone to smell.

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so i tried to watch this 1979 scifi movie called the black hole but uhhh the main cast's helper robot appears to have these goofy cartoon eyes and i absolutely hate it

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Post therapy 

Back home, lil shork is proud of me, lara (headmate who drove us because i broke down) is proud.. fiancee is proud... Every one proud and yet i feel like die :(

ideally? enough employees leave and find other jobs that the studio can't sustain itself.

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i know it won't but i really hope 2077 sinks CDPR

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Walmart and looting 

The Waltons are the richest family on earth.

Walmart is the world's largest company on earth in terms of revenue

Walmart has paid out billions in wage theft lawsuits

Walmart routinely busts unions

Walmart costs billions out of the public wealth in terms of food stamps and health benefits bc they don't pay workers what they earn

Cities give Walmarts millions in incentives to move in

They've stolen more than could ever be looted

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it's not "hot" because i don't have to sip it, i can just slam it back like i'm at a frat party. but it's not lukewarm either because i'm not regretting doing that as i'm drinking it

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lewd, food ment 

me: ok time to go back to sleep again :)
shadow me: no wait you haven't seen the pumpkin fucking video yet

there needs to be a descriptor for the temperature between lukewarm and hot, that describes the ideal temperature to just neck a cup of tea

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