i don't think it's really fair that consumers get the blame for "disposability culture" or "throwaway culture" or whatever you want to call it when most stuff is made as cheaply as possible and absolutely *not* built to be easily repaired.

like, we have an old cot in our house at the moment. it's from the fifties and is still solid. it looks out-of-date but a new coat of paint and some freshening up and it'll be good as new. my sisters friends who have had babies can't keep their cots because by the time the baby is ready to move to a "proper" bed, it's absolutely fucking knackered.

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tl;dr the problem is capitalism, *as it always is*

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@PsyChuan I learned so much about manufacturing and material science from channels like AvE that have really helped me pick out long lasting designs over the cheap disposable landfill fodder that define most things these days. Options of quality are always so much more expensive, but more recently, they're not even offered anymore! :blobnotlike:

About AvE 

@PsyChuan "Arduino versus Evil" is the full channel name, though the subjects of late are mostly on tools, their construction, and their effectiveness. The person behind the videos is a Canadian who learned all sorts of very detailed things about manufacturing, machines, tools and how they're made and all sorts of other stuff.

As a CW, he's said a few brief quasi-transphobic things in one or two of his videos. I still watch 'cause his detail is unmatched.

Long rant about tech crapitalism 

@PsyChuan there is a reason why GPU manufacturers are looking to new gimmicks to motivate people to buy their GPUs, with shit like raytracing, and some good things like VR. It's because the system requirements for games have been plateauing for years, and people are starting to appreciate Indies a lot more. I can still play games with my PC built almost 10 years ago, and am ONLY starting to feel the pressure to upgrade.

Long rant about tech crapitalism 

@PsyChuan (Windows 7 support dropping is a reason for that, thanks Micro$oft, you pinche pendejos)

@PsyChuan Yeah, plus a lot of the repairs needed probably require you to learn something new, work with a new material, etc.

If folks have time for that, great! But most people just don't.

@PsyChuan consumers could choose, but only between what's on offer, and sometimes the only choice is what name you want on the product

@PsyChuan This point is actually not lost on many people. The corporations produce stuff that's designed to be thrown away, then get well-meaning people to put their surplus energy into "cleanups" so they can feel like they're making things better.

@PsyChuan if i had a dollar every time i had the money for something better but not the time to figure out where and how to get it instead of just popping by the dollar store on my way home...

@PsyChuan (and a second dollar every time i couldn't tell the difference by sight until something broke)

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