it's wild how people still believe that as a thirty one year old adult i'm going to get "more conservative" as if it's going to be like a simple switch whereon my thirty fifth i'll wake up and go "you know what actually fuck equality, let's oppress some people"

caveat: more radical ideas than mine will appear and that will make mine seem more conservative. but that isn't what they mean.

also i hope that as these ideas appear i'll go "huh that's actually something i didn't consider."

unrelated but this also seems to apply for me not having kids? "oh you'll change your mind when you get older" motherfucker how much older do i have to get before you start thinking that maybe i just don't want kids

@PsyChuan age is only correlated with conservative beliefs in that wealth is, and wealth makes you less likely to die young

@PsyChuan zi'm older than you and going lefter by the day

@deejvalen @PsyChuan I was like a centrist or something 10 years ago and since then moved more and more left each year and now I'm 33 and still moving left

this is just a myth made up by shitty people so they can feel less shitty about themselves

@PsyChuan I've always been told that "you'll see when you get older you won't be so radical" and stuff, but I'm getting to realize that having been raised in a middle class environment, most of these people did activism for some time and were radical and then slipped into capitalism to get a comfortable life and turned way less radical because of it?

pol views across ages 

@PsyChuan Honestly the whole 'younger crowd being novel and "radical"' is an ongoing thing, BUT:

My experience has been that most people don't really shift much at all. Those of us who do, particularly in queer communities, have been pushing further left and further anarchist.

(Fuck I was an Obama lib in my 20s. Looking back that was... honestly embarrassing)

pol views across ages 

@Kyresti i was one of those too but i was also a gamergate MRA in my mid twenties so like, don't worry too much about being an Obama lib.

re: pol views across ages 

@PsyChuan Heh... doesn't shock me much these days. Not with just how many of my friends are ex-channers.

re: pol views across ages 

@Kyresti @PsyChuan I started with the idea that basically nobody can be trusted with power, long before I had a name for the political position that stems from it. What nuance I’ve gained over the years has been through learning about human nature, and learning some measure of interpersonal trust.

It’s good to see so many (relatively) emotionally healthy people moving this way. Tells me that my viewpoint isn’t *completely* trauma-driven.

re: pol views across ages 

@Verdigris @PsyChuan Yea. Honestly I have... complicated feelings around this, partly from whiteness but partly from the nature of power in general, but we kinda converged on the same direction. On the ground floor, most people are just trying to survive, even doing so means turning toxic. It's the filth that rises.

@PsyChuan yeah that has always been a hot load of bs.

Sure if we let our minds go completely stagnant, but we're still here and on the ground. My mom never stopped until age and disability caught up, and still does what she can to support and pass knowledge down to younger activists

@PsyChuan i think ppl believe this to excuse themselves (boomers) and others (parents) of becoming terrible people by pretending its a natural part of the aging process and not a shitty selfish choice they made

@hi_cial @PsyChuan yeahhhhh. and I feel a lot of people consider themselves liberal when they're younger even tho they're really just painfully centrist, and then when they're threatened by people who actually believe in good things with more conviction then they notice conservatism is a socially accepted thing they can attach themselves to and they go like "whoops I am conservative now because I am old and wise and young people are all stupid so I am right"

@ijyx it's a good job you gave me four years warning 'cause i am absolutely gonna get those wishes and then weasel out of the deal

@ijyx @PsyChuan the fairy mustve been turned off when they came to my place. maybe i was masturbating to demons or something

racist stuff from parents mention, just at the end 

@PsyChuan i take offense to that concept im 35 and ive gotten more and more progressive with my age. getting wiser and less ignorant has led me to become so. and i was so much more intolerant when i was younger. i mean my dad taught his dog to attack by yelling the N word. fuckin toxic shit i was raised in

racist stuff from parents mention, just at the end 

@Drako_Fenris @PsyChuan holy shit!! yeah I'm super glad you got away from that environment and grew. I definitely relate to getting way more progressive as I grow and get less ignorant.

and it was massive for me actually learning real empathy where people can talk feelings and emotions and be close to each other?!?!?! that blew my mind, thank god I found queer people

@PsyChuan lol yeah, I got that kind of thing for other things too that were just my preference vs theirs. like I have big issues being in photos or videos but I was told like "you'll appreciate these when you're older!!" and noppppee I still hate it and in fact it's worse now cause you consistently dismissed my feelings and never listened to me

@PsyChuan my personal experience from participating in forums and mailing lists about retro technology popular with "Euroboomers" (and working in healthcare for seniors) is at least outside the influence of the USA, older generations over here are more progressive than ever (sometimes more than younger people!) and many were always quite left wing and pro-union) - though I suspect the prevalance of nationalised public industries until the 90s and public funded healthcare is a factor here..

@PsyChuan these older folk are a mixture of British people and others on the Continent (it does depend a lot on where they live, their levels of education and how much they have travelled or worked abroad though) - most of them are tech professionals from the days when you could get a full time job at British Telecom or a broadcaster or electronics factory), also a lot of them were involved in the pirate radio, prog rock and punk scene to some extent..

@PsyChuan same, definitely trending leftward as I get older and learn more

@PsyChuan Yeah, I run into that from time to time. I'm 74, and as radical as I was dodging tear gas at the University of Maryland at age 20, if not moreso

@PsyChuan my 80 year old advisor is one of the most radical people I've ever met in my life and people never expect it cause he's old but

he's had longer to learn and do dope shit like coach students who were all of a sudden drafted into the army about what to do!

@PsyChuan the more money I have the more left I get.. And try to use it for such things..

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