what kinda vehicle would your fursona drive in a kart racer

@avie a classic choice, and roughly the right size!

@avie goin' to the shops for a kit kat and taking home the gold on the way

@PsyChuan A magical steampunk halberd, used in a manner similar to a witch's flying broomstick, but instead of being sat on it is stood on like a surfboard.

@PsyChuan Yes. And I actually have a commission I got that shows me doing that, though it was with an older version of my character from back when I still identified as male:

@Liizerd @PsyChuan Oh wait, I just remembered that I got a newer version with my female character! Still a somewhat older design though:

@PsyChuan two options:

- pick up truck, nisse driving, niss in the back
- niss is the vehicle and she runs after the cars with nisse on her back

either way top speed of 10mph

@PsyChuan that six-wheeled F1 car they had to ban for being too good

but fun size

either that or the dark grey 1990 diesel jetta with bald tires and no muffler belonging to the pizza shop I used to deliver for back in college: downshift, squeal tires around any corner, instant car chase foley effects, just hit the accelerator

@hexwren the idea of someone driving like, an actual car in a kart racer is hilarious to me

@reno i choose to believe that you mean "shopping cart" and that's locked in now

@PsyChuan The questionably unsafe gokart my father built for me as a kid.
You know those slow electric motor cars for toddlers?
Expand and reinforce the chassis for leg space with metal rebar. + roll cage
Replace plastic wheels and seat with dirt track tyres and racing seat
Replace electric motor with a *quad bike engine* when the dirt bike engine was 'good, but could be faster'
We retired it after a police speed camera caught it at 60kph, and my 10yo brother broke 2 limbs crashing it

@Jarey_ this sounds like the best fucking thing, ten year old me would have KILLED for that

@PsyChuan OH YEAH fr it was lots and lots of fun
We always wore mtx helmets, pads, fully strapped in, and a engine kill switch between our knees
Took it out to some open dirt fields just to race it around. It was the most trashy looking ever ngl lmao
After my brother hurt himself the chassis and axels were badly damaged, so that was that

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