wait there are people who believe in meyers briggs types i thought that was a bit

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@PsyChuan sadly yes there are people who take it seriously

@PsyChuan I'm pretty sure they're on the level of "what big bang theory character are you most like" quizzes or shindanmakers that are mostly generated at random

@PsyChuan Corporate suits love it. A few years back my entire department was sent to an all-day MBTI testing workshop for "improved teamwork"

@PsyChuan there is a similar but even worse system that I could tell you about if you want to know, but I won't just spring it on you :D

@PsyChuan In the 80s apparently Soviet Russia was in a dire need of a personality test and they too ended up working off of Jung's stuff. It's called Socionics and I guess it never really caught on elsewhere but has some very rabid adherents on the internet who will not hesitate to tell you how much better it is than MBTI. It seemed somewhat similar but the only detail I really remember is that it had this strange obsession with facial shapes that gave me a vague frenology vibe

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