i wonder where that fastest ever manhole is now


for the unaware, the fastest man-made object ever is a manhole that was blasted off it's drain by a nuclear explosion and was very briefly recorded as travelling at over six times the escape velocity of earth.

i say briefly because even using the slow motion cameras they had for analysis of the blast the manhole was only visible for a single frame in mid air


honestly, with that kind of force it probably at least melted due to air resistance

@PsyChuan that story is amazing! if I'm reading cnet.com/home/energy-and-utili right, those jerks at NASA have recently spoiled this great trivia answer. Parker is travelling at about 13 escape velocities

@ryan @PsyChuan the manhole cover is still the fastest object on earth.

@dragon i don't think so. not at six times escape velocity. it's proably rocketing through the solar system

@PsyChuan you know, for a second i thought that was a fifth the speed of light, until i realized it was a 5000th....

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