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pooltoy vore, cannabis 

@cdmnky @Remy @BlurTheFur

oh this is real cute actually

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pooltoy vore, cannabis 

Don't mind me, just hangin' out with a @Remy in my tummy

Art by @BlurTheFur

cw body image, mh — 

I hate my stomach more than most things and I feel incredibly ugly when I look at it and I wish I could just be fuckin positive about my own body. I wish this bothered me a lot less

im watching proxy stream hades while i go through my emails this morning and it's really nice!!!! it's making me want to stream so much more though aaaa

bare masc chest 

Omg look at this pic of me


good affirming doms >>>>>>>>>

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and by dog i mean pupy, and by pupy i mean if u wanna be my owner u gotta get with my crippling need for praise and encouragement and gentleness aaaaa

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what type of dog is the most anxious bc thats what i would be

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[Hold me in this wild, wild world?]

art by :birdsite:godbirdart

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that said, anyone who affiliates/associates/interacts with them in good faith is....not welcome here. tyvm!

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dont really care if anyone monads or monads-adjacent can see my posts, as long as i dont have to see theirs :) instance blocking is gorgeous

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Hey friends! I released my Undertale cover songs! Get ready to embark on the Djentocide Run

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