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new instance means new pinned toot! 🌟

I'm Rusty, a red panda with a love of crusty old electronic things! I play lots of old video games, pull them apart and document them, and sometimes stream them over on Twitch. I'm also trying to get better at drawing!

alternate/18+ account:

coming out, COVID 

honestly the worst part of that call was the yelling about our family's handling of COVID and how my mom thinks that's the only reason "nobody wants to see them anymore" (it's not)

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coming out 

I came out to my mom the other day. it wasn't great, but it wasn't anywhere near disastrous as I was expecting

I kind of hate the phrase "today years old" but I couldn't not toot this

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damn it, I was today years old when I finally realized that my birthday is literally Nice

this is actually a redraw of an update of a thing I drew an entire year ago! the original is pretty rough, but Saba really knocked it out of the park with their redraw 💖

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the page also links to my CuriousCat if you want to ask your own questions~ ❤️

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unleash the CHAOS GREMLIN

art by SE Case (EestStreatDrug on birdsite)

just a little update. something about her head was bothering me so I tweaked a couple of things. I'm not used to doing side views like this!

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just a little update. something about her head was bothering me so I tweaked a couple of things. I'm not used to doing side views like this!

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hot dang answering questions to my OCs in-character is a lot of fun

if you'd rather not use CuriousCat you can also ask stuff here, I'm just trying to keep everything in one place ❤️

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(technically you can ask *me* anything if you'd like but I really want to figure out more about these characters)

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hey y'all! I'm doing a thing to try and squeeze some character development and worldbuilding out of my brain! come ask Rusty and/or Rachel some questions!

my birthday is a week from today and I really wish it wasn't but also please give me presents

here's the finalized Rachel ref sheet! I added and tweaked a couple of things and swapped out the background for something that matches her aesthetic a bit more

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I would give almost anything to have someone to snuggle with right now

also I still don't have a tablet of any kind which makes things much more tedious and difficult lmao

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