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I'm Rusty, a red panda with a love of crusty old electronic things! I play lots of old video games, pull them apart and document them, and sometimes stream them over on Twitch. I'm also trying to get better at drawing!

alternate/18+ account:

I mean, it's not like I've been perfectly consistent with this in the past. Rachel's prosthetic foot has three toes. I don't even remember why I drew it like that, but I guess the in-universe explanation could be that she specifically requested it just so people would ask questions

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I accidentally drew five fingers on a thing and now I'm having an internal debate over how many fingers my characters canonically have

birdsite being birdsite 

not really sure why I keep going back and subjecting myself to this

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birdsite being birdsite 

"welcome back, Rusty! here are some trends that will absolutely destroy your mood"

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birdsite being birdsite 

what the fuck do I have to block to get this to go away and stay away forever. it keeps coming back and it keeps getting worse

having one of those nights where I'm trying to squeeze words out of my brain but just giving myself a headache in the process

maybe Rusty should spend less time playing video games and more time running from the cops 🤷

commission by sonokido on birdsite!!

"nothing is stopping you from making more OCs, dummy" but my drawing hand is tiiiiiiiired

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red pandas are cool, and I am absolutely biased, but having 4 1/2 red panda OCs feels a tiny bit excessive in retrospect

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imagining Rachel as a fennec/tanuki mix and screaming at what could have been

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Forrest moved to Foxglen from Kalaroo, a small country in the southern hemisphere, to pursue a degree in electrical engineering; however, he decided to change professions and become a prosthetist after losing one of his own hands to cancer

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Forrest Bellwood, friend of the Riverglen family and Rachel's prosthetist. AKA "cinnamon buns"

I love my OCs a lot and want to build a whole world for them

here's the whole Riverglen family! Kass is around 5 and a half feet tall, a bit taller than most of the people in their world

here's the whole Riverglen family! Kass is around 5 and a half feet tall, a bit taller than most of the people in their world

(also Ben does have a ring! he is left-handed and wears it on his right hand to keep it from getting scuffed)

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I wasn't kidding when I said Ben is very small. Kass can (and frequently does) pick up Ben with one hand, much to his dismay

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