Antifa mech tabletop rpg 

Selfie, wig action 

Gender stuff 

Root, mention of violence. 

I like playing board games with @Ratttz because if I hear them groaning when I do something I know I made a good move!

Gender stuff 


"i can't believe mint rushed through KH3 so quickly" don't worry i had time for dumb bullshit like this

MtG accessories with my sona on it. 

Current Tabletop Character Idea: What if Space Dandy but also a lesbian space dragon.

Dumb loud meme 

Magic is a setting where a character can go "That's a problem for Future Me." And literally you from the future will show the fuck up in a time portal and be like "ACTUALLY CAN YOU NOT?!"

I love people who still call people "cool cats”.

Cozy fwoomps 

My favorite thing is seeing an artist go "Oh gosh golly gee this is so NSFW but im gonna post it anyway. I hope its not too lewd. (>w<)" and they post it and there is like...a naked butt and im like "Oh you precious little bean."

Detective Pikachu 

In a bold move from Nintendo, Sakurai confirms the out of nowhere dark horse pick of Mallow for Smash.

Slight TWEWY spoilers. 

I just saw the best term for big ol paws. Sock'em Pawpers.

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