I haven't posted in a bit but hi friends, I still care about you

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Hey friends! I released my Undertale cover songs! Get ready to embark on the Djentocide Run


Stuffing-for-brains me didn't check the specials Strandberg was running. Saved myself $1000 and got the color I wanted! "lesser" model with tiny nuance differences but still

Money Stuff 

I just bought a $2400 guitar and now am having a huge internal battle over it because shit that's a lot of money but SHIT THATS A LOT OF GUITAR IM REALLY EXCITED AAAAAAAAAAAAA

I really do wanna be a professional musician but success seems to be for those already successful. ugh.

BirdSite Link 

Check out this lil snippet of a New song I'm working on, inspired by my camping trip! Working title is Lucy!


Check out all my music stuff too! outoftheway.carrd.co

First day back to work in like a week. It's quiet...hmm

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I dont think I've posted my dragon sona since moving to this instance

so here u go :3

me derg sometimes :dragn_mlem:

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repost time since you-know-what is closing down soon

Super smash brothers? More like super dumb brothers ultimate

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Eye Contact in art 

so @chr finished up an early hatchday present for us and, it's exactly the mood boost we needed atm.

Thank you so, so so much khr.

we're just so

:dragn_hearteyes: :dragn_sob: atm heeeeck

all the little details are perfect like the color mixing on the heart module and our eye colors n stuff it's. Absolutely perfect.

Dang this suit is heavier I am when it's waterlogged lol

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