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World Building - Soff Community Health Care Center - ✨Plush✨ for Pals 1/3 

As part of the ✨Plush✨ for Pals Progam, the Soff Community Health Care Center is seeking soff volunteers to comfort fwens in need of an extra smile and laugh in their day.

This opportunity helps boost morale, relieve anxiety/stress, combat boredom, and build/foster fwenships and relationships with the community.

This program is open to all volunteers and fwens outside of the SCHCC and even ✨Plush✨ City.

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World Building - ✨Plush✨ Historical Soffciety - The Wimdy Incident 1/3 

In early 2018, a mighty wimd caused many fwens to be displaced at a local park. Fortunately, no fwen was seriously injured.

The Department of ✨Plush✨ Works has since implemented a number of practices including natural wimdbreaks to reduce/redirect wimd, and temporary netting to catch flyaways. The City also launched an education program for a buddy system for predicted wimdy days and offered free weighted retrofits to fwens.

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Nanu nanu! My name is Leor (LEE-ohr), and I'm excited to be here at Plush City! πŸ––

My profile has just about everything I could share. So, I hope y'all'll enjoy pictures of my home-cooked food, my cats Little Bean and Muesli, and furry adventures? πŸ˜…

I also GM for (and am real nerdy about) a romantic fantasy themed TTRPG called Blue Rose which has lots of LGBT inclusivity and playable psychic sapient animals. πŸ’™


In the mood for some strawberry cheesecake... or a milkshake with crushed oreos in it.

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board game, Time Stories: Midsummer Night, spoilers 

Got partway through...! Found Oberon, but of course it doesn't end there. The gamer in me just wants to waste resources and explore every avenue but also want to complete this to the best of my ability by being efficient with resources. πŸ˜… It feels... too easy so far. <_<

I wonder when the Snap Recall will apply. πŸ€” Just gotta keep my eyes open, I guess.

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What to do for Valentine's this year... πŸ€”

drug mention 

Oh, work says I need to come in for random drug testing today.

board game 

Game night tonight. Maybe. Depends on time.


Have I shared with y'all Beanie's awesome tail curl yet?

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What's a fair offer for a commission (ref sheet) like this?

5 full-bodies + 1 half-body (4 unique poses)
3 headshots
1-2 details

I already have a number already budgeted and set aside. I'm curious to see if I estimated fairly, and if I should budget higher.

Is it weird/confusing for someone's main fursona name (e.g. Foo Diao) to be different than their brand name (e.g. Ark)?

Note to self: Commission of Foo Diao dressed up as a Protogen... with a lightsaber or something.

Eventually, I'll have enough commissions of Foo Diao in costumes that I can have him trying to stuff them all in a single chest. So far, I have Arcanine kigu, maltese tiger hoodie, and a skydancer costume.

Muesli (tortie cat) keeps entering/exiting the basement. I want to know what she's doing, but every time I look, she just runs out the basement like she's seen a ghost.

How much willpower does it take to buy a pint of ice cream but to only consume about a Tbsp of it per day?

Is it normal for someone to frame their certificate of marriage?

husband-spouse dialogue 

Spouse, talking to self: So, that's 1, 2, 3-

Me: 15 days.

Spouse: Okay, so 15 days times 8 hours... *pulling out phone for calculator*

Me, before Spouse can unlock phone: 120 hours.

Spouse: <_< ...

Me: ... :3

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Muesli, my tortie cat, walking around with her rabbit foot toy in her mouth, drops the toy near us, and then mews for play times. My heart melts every time.

Though... it breaks my heart every time she does this in the middle of the night, because she'll make the saddest mew before giving up. :blobcatsadreach:

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work, nsfw, zoombombed 

So, I'm in a 2-hour live webinar, and an hour in, we get zoombombed with someone streaming porn, and a bunch of trolls using our names to say some really nasty stuff.

I couldn't help but laugh. 🀣🀣🀣

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Cats are beyond adorable when they're walking around and carrying stuff in their little mouths.

Started watching Attack on Titans again from the beginning because the Final Season is a little confusing. With the mystery spoiled, it's fun seeing the events unfold again.

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