My initial thought for a neckline was a 4-inch radius circular opening, but when I saw other folks doing a 4-inch & 2-inch radii ellipse, I thought it would be too small until I tested it with some scrap fabric. Turns out to be just fine. O-o

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How can you estimate where a loose/long strip light-weight fabric will fall as the arm is raised/lowered? Oh, that sounds like a fun maths question. (I solved it).

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In the mood for a thick chocolate milkshake with crushed cookies and boba.

Okay, gonna use french terry fabric... it's expensive so I need test fabric... *looking up muslin fabric*

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Getting overwhelmed with what kind of material to use for the poncho. Words and pictures can only do so much. :|

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Fursona/OC baby pictures.

Taltro would be reminiscent of a duckling for extra fluff.

A straw hat but it's colored/shaped like a mushroom cap.

What if I try to make a hood with the scrap fabric... πŸ€”

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Of course, I mixed my left/right in the captions. :blobcatumm:

Anyways, the zipper idea is a bust because the center of mass for the front-left is too far to the right. :blobcatthink:

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sewing, design 

I've been aching to get a poncho, but I'm not satisfied with what's in the market. So, I'm contemplating designing/sewing my own while also familiarizing myself with a new program (AutoCAD).

I'm open to thoughts and critiques? xD I know very little in sewing and clothing design.

Good morning, World.

Today, I'd like to discuss a very important issue: NFTs, or Non-Functioning Testicles.

Recently commissioned Anubis Studios for this super adorable plushie of Spirit!! I love it so much πŸ’™ Now Spirit is officially a plush friend!

What kind of earrings would you picture me wearing? πŸ€”

Feeling a strong urge to hold and feed someone's pet rat or mouse for a minute.


My mouth is all raw from the salt+vinegar chips and sour gummies. Why did I not think this through? :blobcatumm:

millenials not having kids 

The beauty of me and my partner's situation is that, for people who know our situation, it's really rude to ask when/if we're having kids. 😈

Looking up earrings again. I'm getting that self-conscious "is it gonna be weird to normies that a guy is wearing unicorn earrings" feeling.

Anyways, I bought me a pretty fish cuff earring one that'll take like 2 months to get here. 🐟

Movie, LoveHard 

Just finished watching LoveHard on Netflix and.. that was freaking adorable. I'm not usually one for the romantic comedies, but this one was sweet.

Probably helps that I saw a lot of myself and my husband in it, too.

Surprised to see the reviews for it were luke warm at best?

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