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World Building - ✨Plush✨ Historical Soffciety - The Wimdy Incident 1/3 

In early 2018, a mighty wimd caused many fwens to be displaced at a local park. Fortunately, no fwen was seriously injured.

The Department of ✨Plush✨ Works has since implemented a number of practices including natural wimdbreaks to reduce/redirect wimd, and temporary netting to catch flyaways. The City also launched an education program for a buddy system for predicted wimdy days and offered free weighted retrofits to fwens.

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You wander around the town to find a shop with the words "Enchanted Loaf" written in cursive on it and painted in glittery pink... except for the L, which is still unpainted.

Inside you find a heavily-tattooed, tall, well-muscled orc - the store owner - behind a counter full of colorful baked goods resembling plants and animals.

They greet you with a warm, tusked smile.


💙 Blue jeans
🤍 White socks/undershirt
💕 Pink dress shirt


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birdsite, subtweet 

Oh, man. A furry is going off on how he has the right to not be aroused because someone is wearing a form-fitting and slightly-revealing shirt.

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Boss,: Léor, can you take a look at the jamboard?

Me, looks at the jam board, then looks at boss and shrugs.


Me: ...What do you need? 🤣

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Co-worker: So, Léor, you got any plans this weekend?

Me: Centaurworld Season 2 Binge Party. 😶

Co-worker, not comprehending: What the heck did you just say?

Me: Uhm... TV show with friends.

defund the police 

Radio: 65 y/o female fell down the stairs.

Ah! Ya know what will help? Someone with a gun.

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Ironically, they didn't shut down the phones. Damn.

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Lmao. Today is a practice emergency response day and I think IT shut down our internet. Oheck.

I woke thinking that today is Friday. ._.

defund the police 

Follow-up: We could hire flaggers to direct and manage traffic for construction/utility projects. Police are entirely unnecessary, but their unions are so strong that they'll sue the government for even thinking about it. Why? Because they actually want the flagger's job but with police's benefits, and they don't want to give up flagging because it's a fairly chill job.

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Someone explain to me why a person directing traffic needs to have a gun.


46 thinks that making bold political moves would be polarizing, and hurt their chances at this year's midterm election, and undermine the Supreme Court.

As if their lack of moves is any better. At least fucking try, but what can you expect from the Party of Status Quo.

This person's last name is really Wigglesworth. 😐

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