those specific people who turn you into an Animal Crossing style big head stubby paws little critter waddling around making plap plap plap noises with your big dumb bean paws

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Biden administration throwing baseless accusations at ProPublica of working with "a state actor hostile to American interests" for *check notes* publishing IRS data exposing tax avoidance schemes of billionaires, really does tell you a lot about what "US interests" are

Plush TF, good vibes~ 

Being held down by an overstuffed plush friend; zoning out as they rub their incredibly soft microfleece paws all over you~
Tingling & shivering as the pleasant sensation washes over you.. And then noticing that everywhere the ways brush starts turning to plush, feeling so soft..
Brushing up & down, your head feeling so pleasantly fuzzy as you change under their wonderful paws

Thinking about it/its prounouns a lot~
It seems like it would be nice to distance yourself from things that feel wrong to you
Not human, perhaps not a person; aligning yourself closer to an animal or creature; declaring yourself as innately a pet, or perhaps an object or toy

Its meaning changes between its users, but always seems to reflect a deep truth to how they feel, & it being recognized and used to embrace and accept their existence seems like it's wonderfully comforting and uplifting :>

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A nice and fun outing for a couple of cuties!

Full scene commission for @chr , ft @Zest !

Thank you so much again, I’m so glad to be back to art! 😁

Interested in a full scene? They’re on sale for $100 per order, painted shading included!

Done with work, sleeepy
Might just doze and listen to narration until something catches my interest

kink thoughts; lack of control / vulnerability 

Having control taken away from you is pleasant sometimes~
A brief pulse of distress as walls crumble followed by an intense vulnerability and allowing yourself to relinquish responsibility and feel limp and relaxed and content, safely looked after and watched over

No thoughts~💖

Oooh, The Galaxy and the Ground Within came in today... Gonna be nice to have a new workday listen; hoping it'll be another Becky Chambers book I really enjoy

One (1) comfy morning lizard bundled in blankets feeling the cool breeze from the open window

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Furry art, bright colors? 

Some pride icons I made for friends [^^]
Might do a couple more idkk


cool-blooded lizards w an affectionate culture, snuggling up to their warm-blooded friends both for the joy of touch and the delightful warmth they provide; snuggling, smooth scales teasing over you as they nuzzle & curl around you

always hanging on or brushing against you, wrapping a tail around your waist or legs or tail or sprawling in a lap or a pile of friends nuzzling against everyone & making small squeaks surrounded by friends & loving touches & appreciative words & blissful sighs

shibari, harnesses... 

I really wanna get like some really soft and tactile shibari rope, like maybe something soft and woven so it's comfy and has a pleasant tactile feel

Learning to bind it around friends in pretty patterns that leave them looking like a delicately wrapped present with knots and attachment points woven in in an aesthetically pleasing way~

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me: *holds ur hand"

u: awwh

me: *starts gnawing on ur arm*

u: oh

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Still thinking about that one time years ago my horse friend went to a con with me and when she came back from getting the registration badge, the name she got on it was "Carly Neigh Jepsen" 🐴

Nothing like a long hot bath, heat soaking into your scales til they're tender & tingly to the touch and your mane smells fresh & floral with cleansing soaps~
Roughly toweling off & laying in a sunny patch of fluffy carpet all lightheaded letting the world spin while you dry ✨

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