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[leaning in very close to the microphone]

trans rights

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i am very easy to befriend and i encourage you to just reply to my toots for any reason

i will usually respond or failing that i will at least fave your toot if i'd just go "nice" or something

(be my friend)

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furries adjacent to me get a resource production bonus

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"solitaire," people keep asking me, "Are you a furry?"

the asnwer to this question is whatever you think is funniest at the time

you unhexagon that profile picture this instant

fallen london 

"hey man you need [item]"

weird i've never heard of [item], let me look it up

[there is exactly one way to get item and it is going to take 7 days of 40 actions a day on a 20 action candle]

oh that's why i've never heard of it

fallen london 

being a single candle again sucks, i am straining at the end of my action limit now that i'm past the brick wall of getting dreams

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fallen london 

it'll all be worth it when i get my hand on that monkey's paw

no, not the one in my living room, the metaphorical one

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fallen london 

there goes fifteen levels of Thunder Said

that's the cost of doing business in an ambition


Wordle 204 5/6


man everyone had trouble with this one

[extremely david byrne voice]

well i have nothing to say
my lips are sealed

Wordle 199 4/6


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you guys got me to wordle up


i am now completely incapable of saying the word smash in any way other than "smesh" and i don't even remember who infected me with that, lexically speaking

i love most-recent-first browsing because it means my most recent replies will inevitably spiral into responding to more and more ancient-by-internet-standards posting

cgp grey successfully tricked me into reinstalling and playing mtg:a

i don't even like magic

merry hitscan, plush city

merry hitscan, fediverse

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