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[leaning in very close to the microphone]

trans rights

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i am very easy to befriend and i encourage you to just reply to my toots for any reason

i will usually respond or failing that i will at least fave your toot if i'd just go "nice" or something

(be my friend)

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furries adjacent to me get a resource production bonus

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"solitaire," people keep asking me, "Are you a furry?"

the asnwer to this question is whatever you think is funniest at the time


i'm glad rush limbaugh fucking dead

well, see you in another couple weeks

my (bad) art, firearm, escape from tarkov, a furrey 

BEAR summer field is the best non-FSB set and you can't change my mind

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my (bad) art, firearm, escape from tarkov, a furrey 

this is, easily, the dumbest thing i've ever badly scribbled

anyways this is the loadout i've been using in SPT drawn onto that bird you may or may not have seen me post the other day

status update 

managing not to feel too bad about my extended masted don inactivity over the past couple months

sometimes you need to spend an extended amount of time at rest and that's okay

in my case it's clear p.c hasn't caught too much fire even though i haven't been looking at the moderation panel so i don't feel too bad

(that's mostly because @mawr is excellent at what they do, mind)

struggling to have things to say recently

feel free to change that dial

what do you call a prize fighter from a swamp 

bog champ

gonna get really into using mastodon like when i just first joined and i put out like 500 messages in 3 hours

hey plush city most of you probably don't interact with me too much outside of the occasional report of naughty posters elsewhere or seeing me get evicted out of the plush city international airport bathrooms but here's a special message from me to you:

chin up, buddy

take things one day at a time and don't place too much weight on yourself, especially in circumstances you have less than 1/330mil a portion of the control over

good people are all around you

reach out to them

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