2 hospital visits in a week. Shits super fucked but im working on it.

I'm actually happy atm. I might own a house. And not even like due to inheritance or anything.

Everyone I talk to is asleep and im crossfaded and want snuggles so bad rn.

Less than like 4 hours until im on a bus for 12. Im super excited to be gay and kiss my girlfriend.

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No matter how lightweight my Linux distro and DE is my 2010 Lenovo Thinkpad with its intel core duo CPU cant handle more than like 2 tabs of firefox. Pain.

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I have been here officially 5 minutes and my ADHD is acting up and I want to comment and like every post.

For future self reference this was a choice. :blob_redpanda_melt:

Aight so I'm new here. Where all the fun at? Recommendations of people to follow? I need to scroll tomorrow on this bus ride.

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