2 hospital visits in a week. Shits super fucked but im working on it.

I'm actually happy atm. I might own a house. And not even like due to inheritance or anything.

Everyone I talk to is asleep and im crossfaded and want snuggles so bad rn.

@vantablack generally turning off your porch light means no knocking wherever ive been, but a sign will also help unless ya do go out and get that candy.

Surgery +++++ 

@tinyfluffs smooth incoming! So happy for you!!!

Less than like 4 hours until im on a bus for 12. Im super excited to be gay and kiss my girlfriend.

Lil Sugr boosted

@mawr Much thank. You look much more soft to me. 10/10 bean right there.

Fedi meta (-) 

@tinyfluffs hopefully you can heal and have fun healing, friend.

Fedi meta (-) 

@tinyfluffs that is completely true. even someone who enjoys certain parts of that content would likely get sick of how common it is to see. I'm just here because every other platform imo is bad

Fedi meta (-) 

@tinyfluffs Valid tbh. I suppose since its a smaller space on an uncommon social platform its gonna be full of that. Hopefully you can get your rest and enjoy soft things.

Also a maker of fursuits! Gonna have to talk to you bout that sometime!

No matter how lightweight my Linux distro and DE is my 2010 Lenovo Thinkpad with its intel core duo CPU cant handle more than like 2 tabs of firefox. Pain.

@synthgal Fair nuff. I am v much not as good at soundcloud as I was years ago. Onwards to Bandcamp.

@alexandra having just shipped about 200 dollars in packages (with everything I own inside) this is a mood.

@synthgal Already off to a great start. Just gonna spend a few hours going in order of your soundcloud ^v^

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