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i haven't shown Princess Farmer in a while so uhm here's how it's looking right now!

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oh wow my wife took these pics of me before we headed out and i really like them?? (no ec)

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transbian shitpost 

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how much of a trans lesbian am I?
i owned Bound on laserdisc. check-mate. 💅

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Lewd fantasy talk 

i never really understand what jojo fans are saying but i appreciate them enjoying themselves

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my kid in 20 years: mom.... other mom... mom 3... parent... i have something to tell you all. i’m... i’m day crew.

me: *breaks down crying* where did i go wrong

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best part of being trans is watching all your friends become incredibly hot

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Pupper, eye contact, very cute 

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a mom who's also a pupper? that's a mommer

outfit selfie no eye contact 

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a shitpost I guess 

talking lewds 

went to boost a capy pic for my fav capy but i only saw it cuz she was boosting it already 💦

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GDQ (-) 

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The rat is the first animal in the Chinese zodiac, and if that story told me anything, it's that you can be exhausted and worn out, and still win.

Happy Chinese New Year everyone.

lewd shitpost 

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