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Hey so here's the page for the Princess Farmer beta build we'd been working on the last few months :purple_sparkling_heart:

hope you enjoy it!

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I just keep spending time on more animations. Here's some actual combos! I need to show what happens when you throw veggies back down, too.

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how much of a trans lesbian am I?
i owned Bound on laserdisc. check-mate. 💅

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Cee as a bouncing sprite idle animation. Iiiiiii really love doing these?? I'll have to do some more for sure. :purple_sparkling_heart: :sparkles_pink: :sparkles_pink:

(i'm very excited to make a bunch of cute dorky stationary and desk stuff for this omg)

(my hair is extremely bouncy today)

god i love the rifftrax teen-agers series and i hope they do all of them. it's like a 1940s Saved By the Bell

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Huge mecha lady comes in fast and hot to punch a new beach into existence 

lewd shitpost 

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this is the gamer girl bath water girl btw so im convinced shes just takin the piss outta thirsty gamerbros





wanting to do my own lil kusogrande missions where i'll pick a weird old genesis/sms game and play it for an hour straight and see how far I get

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art wip 

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art wip 

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deeplore game nerd shitpost 

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mobile game complaining 

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Excerpt From Autobiography of an Androgyne 

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