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hey there's co-op in princess farmer! bunnies working together

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oh wow my wife took these pics of me before we headed out and i really like them?? (no ec)

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transbian shitpost 

people used to think my wife and i were co-dependent but it just turns out we were lesbians

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how much of a trans lesbian am I?
i owned Bound on laserdisc. check-mate. 💅

Re Lewd socialist needs 

Wait real talk those are supposed to be horny teeth right?? Is someone not supposed to think those teeth would be good on my neck??

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Lewd socialist needs 

Need some socialist teeth chomping on my neck and shoulders tbh

Lewd and porn mention 

I hope everyone who follows me on manyvids are doing it cuz they’re hot for my leg picture in my profile

(i know that’s not true and it’s just following as a form of advertising themselves but let a girl dream)

shiver meme 

*tetris gameboy spin noise*

dangit i really need some socialist teeth on my avatar

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Nude, boosts good 

"have you heard the good news" voice: have you looked at my butt?

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subtooting cuties and me being a gay disaster 

me: "gosh i hope this cutie notices my favs"
also me: "gosh this cutie favs a lot of my stuff. i wonder why???"

Food shitpost 

I'm a growing ass woman and I can have sugar crisp for lunch dangit

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queer, trans, AND gay? that's a numberwang

capitalism is companies strangle-holding a market, making terrible products with exploited labour and practices, and then blaming the people with hardly any money who can barely afford the product in the first place

skinny people who complain about how no one should ever buy fast fashion have never been fat and have never tried shopping for fat people

self callout post about flirts 

me in a post: "i can flirt with whole words and sentances and everything!"
me in reality when flirted with "haha hahddh ;jlljakdfs"

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the secret to being a kirby fan is that you have to balance both the "12 binders full of kirby lore facts" and "they're a ball :) cute ball yay"

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Re Lesbian flirting shitpost 

(if you're a fem top and you're into this hmu 👀)

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