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hey there's co-op in princess farmer! bunnies working together

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oh wow my wife took these pics of me before we headed out and i really like them?? (no ec)

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transbian shitpost 

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how much of a trans lesbian am I?
i owned Bound on laserdisc. check-mate. 💅

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cheating my Daily Sketch, AC:NH 

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god no joke, my wife reminded me that we started the full colour version of our game only in september 2019, and NOT, in fact, 20 thousand years ago

weed, nonsense 

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When your dudebro friend wants to support your transition.

it's a relisten to "small parts isolated and destroyed" on repeat kind of morning

the coolest girls in my highschool wore nomeansno shirts

i know absolutely nothing about this band but the opening 15 seconds of this track are absolutely amazing distortion and i'm 1000% into this

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Meta, CW request 

watching zandra stream some mega man fan games and her speech to text is so good lol

me because i hate myself apparently: *browses a community thread on steam*

weed and canadian kids tv 


really enjoying watching dan levi in the great canadian bake off making his way from table to table getting treats and scraps that bakers left out for him, like the most beautiful alleycat

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Claribel Ortega's Ghost Squad dropped today! Drawing on her afrodominican roots, Ghost Squad is a middle grade book described as "Coco meets Stranger Things with a hint of Ghostbusters"

i'm giving away 2 copies of ghost squad to voracious little bookworms, so if you're the parent of a kid devouring every book in their path, lmk and i'll send you either an e-book or physical copy. for probably obvious reasons, afrodomincan families will be prioritized. :boost_ok:

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omg i'm legit starting to really really want to play euro truck simulator with an online mod that seems like such a good chill time hmmmmm :thinknyan:

it's not as funny as a game embedded with cryptocurrency but the new cooking mama devs defense of "we wouldn't even KNOW how to code that. Our game was pulled cuz the cooking mama license holder hated us and our game and never wanted it released and it was released anyway without their knowledge" is -wild- lol

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