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I just keep spending time on more animations. Here's some actual combos! I need to show what happens when you throw veggies back down, too.

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how much of a trans lesbian am I?
i owned Bound on laserdisc. check-mate. 💅

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Cee as a bouncing sprite idle animation. Iiiiiii really love doing these?? I'll have to do some more for sure. :purple_sparkling_heart: :sparkles_pink: :sparkles_pink:

I’m so exhausted but can’t fall sleep I’m too gay for sleeping

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ALSO, i went out for hours in public and went to a restaurant and a store and a theatre and i was just....fully makeup and big boobs and all and no one yelled at me but im completely exhausted

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(and honestly the "mystery dungeon" style jrpgs that are more "rogue" than any of the "roguelikes" I love and want MORE of! But the perma-death rng indies are wow. so many of them and all of them are so frustrating to play.)

definitely don't want to squash anyone's creativity or enjoyment but gosh if i never saw a 'roguelike' game again it would be too soon

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Just came back from detective Pikachu and loved all the Pokemon and literally gasped in the theatre when I saw an Audino

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welp. today i'm going to go out in public in my underwire bra lol

Steam is doing...a fascinating event? Not a sale? Where you earn badges by...playing your old games.

This is really interesting tbh? But I also couldn't care less about badges lol. But I like Steam trying out weird things like this.

gosh my wife looks phenomenal and i'm looking pretty dang cute with my outfits lately and we're becoming a devastating gay couple tbh

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