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I just keep spending time on more animations. Here's some actual combos! I need to show what happens when you throw veggies back down, too.

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how much of a trans lesbian am I?
i owned Bound on laserdisc. check-mate. 💅

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Cee as a bouncing sprite idle animation. Iiiiiii really love doing these?? I'll have to do some more for sure. :purple_sparkling_heart: :sparkles_pink: :sparkles_pink:

Outfit selfies with no eye contact 

⭐️Hi, I'm Roxy, and this is my game Shield Cat! It's about an otter who spins really fast! If you want to play a prototype build just like the one in the video FOR FREE, please click the link! You can also find out more about the game there on my main page

i...still have a weasyl account and the pw still saved so i can actually log into it lol

strongly considering Valis 3 cuz that game was so important to me growing up?? But also Wonder Boy 3 or even the first one maybe? (i'd like to find a game with girl characters tho!)

$$$ help, a bit urgent 

(i really loved the skirt omg. it was one of Bee's and she dug it out for me to try on and it was perfect!)

transbian feels 

i've been watching nothing but frame fatales speedruns from this year for the last few days lol. I love them so much

(omg seriously thinking about learning a game to speedrun to be part of frame fatales.....)

speedrun marathon acceptance excitement 

Outfit of the Day Selfie no eye contact 

i feel like Desperado never really got its due as an amazing bi feelings movie

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