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I just keep spending time on more animations. Here's some actual combos! I need to show what happens when you throw veggies back down, too.

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how much of a trans lesbian am I?
i owned Bound on laserdisc. check-mate. 💅

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Cee as a bouncing sprite idle animation. Iiiiiii really love doing these?? I'll have to do some more for sure. :purple_sparkling_heart: :sparkles_pink: :sparkles_pink:

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Hey look I got a bouncy idle animation and blink on this bunny.

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I thought I would try the kink meme but literally I like maybe one or two things on it sooooooo nvm!

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abby's playing splatoon 2 on giant bomb and it makes me want to play that game again

tweaked a start-up animation for the beginning of a level, transitioning from a loading screen.

*sees a gamer post the comment* "There's no such thing as a minor inconvenience" in response to wanting all his games on Steam
*shuts down browser*

gotta watch my gifs again so I don't feel like garbage about my game lol. they've been very helpful for keeping me inspired.

the art for cadence of hyrule just ruined me. I hate everything I've ever drawn and need to start over lol.

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indies please stop making roguelikes i'm begging you

me: *sets up an android box for emulation*
me: *still buys collections of old games anyway*

🎵 she is the one called sailor moon 🎵 (shirt selfie)

also shoutout to our christmas tree that we just upended into the backyard and will drag out when the snow goes away lol

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Here is a Star Trek action figure.

Without looking it up, can you guess the character?

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