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If a stranger with reply guy energy messages me I tend to just block tbh

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transbian shitpost 

people used to think my wife and i were co-dependent but it just turns out we were lesbians

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how much of a trans lesbian am I?
i owned Bound on laserdisc. check-mate. 💅

lewd and needy and whiny 

please i just want to spend like 30 minutes between a cutie's legs. 60 minutes tops!

cannabis mention 

i took some thc oil a couple hours ago so get ready for loosy goosy tired messy gay cee tonight lol

i dont have much self esteem but even i'll admit my legs look extremely good 👀 💦

teasey and gay 

a fun thing to do during the day is tease my wife with my legs and lift my skirt up now and then for a lil show

spoiler alert: my answer to everyone's "what colour am i to you?" is black

i did get to play some matches with them and not only did i manage to at least one goal a game we even /won/ a match where i played goal and did a bunch of field goals while my child boost-smashed into the other team repeatedly

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my child is getting into rocket league and the house may never be quiet again lol

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By the way, I'm working on a queer furry visual novel! The latest backer update goes out early tomorrow.

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Lesbians living with their girlfriend and their cats

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dailydraw 9/30/20 


I finished with three hours left in september!

extremely extremely lewd, porn mention 

there's an unbelievably hot video of a thin trans girl riding her chubby nonbinary gf and she's blushing and hiding her face and it's the cutest and hottest thing omg and that would be fun to see someone do on top of me sometime 👀 💦 💦

you ever have like, three different panic attacks trying to write a reply to someone? lol 💦

gosh the timeline's gotten very hot suddenly 👀 💦

but i finished off a bunch of gummi veggie edits so yay that's something

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oof too much repetitive art tasks today means my wrists are sore so no more drawing/working for the day i guess

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selfie ec 

wish i had a cute girl to play modded terraria and flirt with

(also fun that my ad blocker is no longer working sigh)

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now amazon can pay literal % of pennies to get views on a huge platform and just spread those sprinkles of payment around twitch. cool system totally not on the verge of collapse

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what's the point of ads on twitch if i just keep getting amazon prime ads? no one's paying for those ads they're just shuffling money in-org now. what an annoying scheme

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