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transbian shitpost 

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adding Gaia (and her tree) to the farm screen! So here's an updated animation intro to the farm screen with them in it now

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Hey so here's the page for the Princess Farmer beta build we'd been working on the last few months :purple_sparkling_heart:

hope you enjoy it!

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how much of a trans lesbian am I?
i owned Bound on laserdisc. check-mate. 💅

oh my goodness this is an extremely good new track. toxic avenger continues being solid as hell

NSFW, selfies, tiddie, eye contact 

bookending my day with another topless pic, sorry 

more lewd 

Question: is it a gay thing to have a million chat groups that have 2-5 of the same people?

going thru old drawings and it's wild how much some drawings are just... "oh this was goals apparently and i didn't know it at the time" lol 💦

i would wear ALL of this outfit today omg

Asking for help, money 

hrt and boobs and mild pain 

holedown babbling 

have i babbled about Holedown yet? Got it on switch last night and i'm in LOVE with it omg it's such a great puzzle game on switch. it's so perfect for switch.

lewd gushing 

god i'm extremely excited to play the new pokemon but my copy isn't showing up until next week and this is torture lol

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