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while devs are announcing canonical trans characters, for those not keeping up with Princess Farmer: Gaia is trans

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PSA for people flirting with me 

i've been described as a Chaos Bottom because i'm not purposefully bratty and stubborn but i ~am~ ditzy and prone to depression and hugely low self esteem so i spend most of my time awkwardly deflecting potential flirt attempts, despite craving the attention

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If a stranger with reply guy energy messages me I tend to just block tbh

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how much of a trans lesbian am I?
i owned Bound on laserdisc. check-mate. 💅

a cutie: *has lots of different looks with totally different haircuts and styles from day to day*
me, despite understanding how wigs work and even owning some wigs: "wow how do they do that with their hair??? :blob_aww: "

lewd, hrt, needles, probably bad 

date idea: we do each other's injections and then lick each others injection area for any extra estrogen

i love how many trans streamers i follow are diving into some new speedruns this year. it's just neat to see how many people are jumping into practicing weird new games to run

date idea: i doll up in a big poofy jacket and get driven around in a date's drift car

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secret crushes dont open 

(oh no extra people replied who i have crushes on and it's hard not to spread some DMs around but htat's a bad idea lol)

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(i asked this when I was feeling Bath Brave and now I'm out of the bath panicking instead of dming lol)

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Hey quick Q is it bad to suddenly dm a mutual and be like “hey I like you,,,, Do you have a telegram account or smthing?”

Me 30 minutes into a bath: okay maybe I should get out soon
Me 60 minutes into a bath: oh gosh this is nice but I should prolly get outtttt
2 hours into a bath: I’m never getting out fuck you this is my home now

Like the chasm between our lived experiences where travelling yearly (even multiple times)is not considered an extravagant luxury but a Human Right, and there’s no way to relate to that. Those people are long gone

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cis white people who complain that they haven’t been able to take a vacation trip out of town in the last few months Are impossible to relate to.

i hate how much gender is now in racing games. and then often that gender is male-only. im just here to vibe :bunhdcry:

dysphoria but also good stuff (~) 

i havent looked in a mirror much today but the few times i have i've been caught off guard cuz my first reaction is "oh hey a cutie" and my dysphoria has /no/ idea what to do about this

so i'll look in the mirror, have a first thought of "oh cute!" and then i literally frown cuz i'm like "woah i cant accept compliments even from my brain"

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tmi and lewd 

didnt put my night bra on after getting out of the tub and this has only caused distraction to myself cuz i keep looking down at all the jiggling and nipples like "woah,,,,"

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skunk girl doodle, minimal clothing, lewd text 

local skunk girl says that if you're gonna keep staring at her tummy you might as well get to petting it

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Is anyone on the Fedi in need of a small art tablet? This is a Huion, I'm not sure of the model exactly. Its a couple years old but only used for a few months before it went into storage. The scratches are superficial and you can't feel them when you draw, the flash just makes it look terrible. Stylus requires one AAA battery. Pen pressure is okay, maybe medium sensitivity so I wouldn't recommend this if you want full tilt range if that sensitivity matters to you. This is a small tablet, not much bigger than my hand so about 7 or 8 inches at the longest point.

Not asking for any money. If you can chip in for shipping, great, if not, I can cover it. Continental USA only, sorry about that. :boost_ok:

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