Hey look I got a bouncy idle animation and blink on this bunny.

lol apparently the bunny animation has been marked as "sensitive" on tumblr! Huh. I haven't ever noticed that before on one of my posts. Is it cuz she jiggles??

I went and requested a review not cuz it's a big deal but just who tf thinks a fat bouncy fully clothed sprite is too sensitive to view?? She's fat, she's gotta bounce!

@SuperCee same, omg. there's just something magical about bouncy pixel art, specifically that I just love

@SuperCee This was my reaction when I saw your leg pics.

@caribee lol you started jiggling with a "gonna get some" cheeky smile?

@SuperCee I never would have thought to place an animation in the middle a repeating loop instead of at the end or beginning. I like the result.

@slightlyflightyone thanks! I realized I kept doing blinks as the only loop animation which meant I couldn't do a proper idle bounce so this was my solution.

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