Cee as a bouncing sprite idle animation. Iiiiiii really love doing these?? I'll have to do some more for sure. :purple_sparkling_heart: :sparkles_pink: :sparkles_pink:

@SuperCee these would be great for stream watermarks tbh

@SuperCee you could prolly make some very nice layouts with animated gifs like this one!

@Chel thank you! They're a lot of fun to do.

@SuperCee how difficult is it to learn sprite animation, in your opinion? does it take a lot of messing with pixels?

@budgiebin hmmmmm. I've never animated properly before, but I have a bit of practice doing very small/simple animations in flash years ago. I'm finding pixel animation VERY fun to do and easier for me to grasp than like, 'proper' animation.

Like there's no way I could pull off a bounce like this with a full-sized drawing, but as a 60-ish pixel tall drawing I can figure all the pieces out. If people were interested I could post up some of the tricks I've learned.

@SuperCee i always appreciate given knowledge :3 (I don't think 'proper' is always the best, anyway - sometimes you get cool results from doing your own thing)

@budgiebin I don't know how to explain it. Non-pixel animation? lol. I can't do character animation outside of pixel art.

but with pixels I feel right at home! I'm not too sure why.

@SuperCee it's kinda like a compression of information, simplification, you've got less things to fuss over at low res

@budgiebin One thing I would totally recommend is messing around wiht REALLY small sprites first! And then after messing around with small sprites I started learning more techniques and then could get bigger and bigger.
Also slimes are a fun way to learn lol (small slime animation)

@SuperCee AAAAA I noticed you had a new icon and went to check and THIS IS? SO CUTE??????

@Doki aaaah thank youuu!!! I realy like how it turned out lol :sparkles_pink: :purple_sparkling_heart: :sparkles_pink:

@SuperCee I'm half mad it isn't wobbly, but it's so dang cute so I really can't be mad at all.

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