please, square, please give me a Parasite Eve remaster. i'm begging you

@Caelyn yes! Another forgotten one (Tho I guess...Xenosaga is technically....a continuation? But it's not the same!)

@Caelyn @SuperCee yes, preferably with an overhauled second half that doesn't feel quite as... well... you know. 😅

@Chel @SuperCee Actually, I don't, it's been over twenty years since I played it! And I never see it getting talked about, particularly over here where it was never released.

@Caelyn @SuperCee o, lol.

questionable design of late game dungeons, among other things... not to mention that the 'visual novel' style sequences could stand to be tweaked a bit with additional art assets and such, imo

@Chel @Caelyn where it goes full anime? Including running out of budget, lol. It's like the last 4 eps of an anime season. I kinda like that in retrospect. It's very 90s anime.

@SuperCee I'll take that, Bushido Blade, and maybe Einhander tbh.

@Chel Tobal no1 too. Basically that whoooole stretch of Square games, I would HAPPILY buy again and it would be amazing. A PSONe Classic but it's every single Square release on the system instead. At my most hardcore I went and got a modded PSOne and imported Tobal no2. I wish I still had those games!

@Chel @SuperCee We need a new Bushido Blade so bad. All this time and it's never been equalled, let alone bettered. It's tragic.

@Caelyn @SuperCee seriously. I think that's one game that could really benefit from modern hardware, tbh.

@Chel @Caelyn if you could damage more miniscule things, like fingers? It could be such an intense stand-off game. They could make it look like a Kurosawa flick.

@SuperCee I just want square to give us a game as good as that demo reel at the beginning of Chrono Cross felt

@AzureHusky As much as I think square's SNES games are some of the peaks, I miss their PSOne era the most of all. They had this magical feeling about their games and they tried weird stuff!

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