fortnite got me playing online because it was all just goofy and nothing really mattered. Low stakes!

Apex Legends is getting me to play because they've set up enough tools to make playing with strangers painless, which is absolutely wild.

Apparently they spent a month playtesting the game with NO chat and I can't believe the amount of longterm legacy issues online games they've fixed? How on earth did it only take a month to realize this stuff when it's been decades for everyone else lol.

@SuperCee That was what Splatoon did for me! It's my first online game and there's no way for anyone to harass anyone, it's SO nice. :blobcatmelt:

But uh, is Fortnite fun? I've been curious because it's so popular but I haven't tried it yet haha

@SuperCee you now made me interested in fortnite for the first time ever

@behold3r Oh fortnite is a lot of fun! I don't like squads but it was fun to drop in solo and just do your own thing. I mean honestly even if you're bad at the shooting running around and looting and surviving is a lot of fun on its own.

@SuperCee I wanna try this Apex thing kids are talking about

@blackcorvo it feels very intimidating on paper but it's almost like having someone hold your hand and take you through a battle Royale. Which works really well.

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