@Doki oh yes! Splatoon! I didn't even think of that cuz it's just SO much fun to play. The idea of not playing in a team never occurred to me in that game. BUT those rounds are so fast and the area so tiny. The gameplay guides you, with the paint on hte ground.

Fortnite is fun! I haven't played it in months tho. But it was a really good time.

@SuperCee Ooooo you've played Splatoon? :blobcatrainbow:

Yeah, I was curious because the aesthetics look fun and colorful!

@Doki yes! I'm over a hundred hours in splatoon 2. I'm not great at it but I love playing it and I love the community. Though I stopped over summer? Keep thinking about going back to it.

@SuperCee OMG let me know if you do, I absolutely adore Splatoon and would love to play with you! :sparkles_trans: :blobcatreach: What weapon did you main?

@Doki i swap between rollers and dualies and some of the burst-guns generally. What about you?

@SuperCee Ooooo I absolutely LOVE dualies but can't figure out how to use them since I jump a lot and the dodge feature is mapped to the same button, RIP.

I, uh... main the splattershot jr. :blobeyes: 💦 I know it's the starting weapon but it's what I'm comfortable with ahaha

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