adding some more details to this gameboy-style mock-up for a puzzle game.

adding more polish! Some more sun rays and horizon lighting and some ui tweaks and animations added to the veggie pull annnnd a cart with a helper animal.

and now the follow-thru as she actually pulls the veggies up! (this is fun to drawww)


I just keep spending time on more animations. Here's some actual combos! I need to show what happens when you throw veggies back down, too.

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Whoops just realized there's a diagonal row of potatoes that should match up at the end here. Doing puzzle matches by hand is tough lol

I had to fix this lol. So here's an updated version where she triggers two matches at the same time instead of missing the diagonal match of potatoes there.

@Nine I love character close-ups and want to work that in as much as possible lol.

@SuperCee nyaa, are you gonna program this at some point too? :blobcatsurprised:

@catgirl I think so yeah! Probably going to work on a playable with my wife (I can't program)

@SuperCee This looks so good!! It makes me wanna drop all my b'sponsibilities and build it out as a browser game :D

@mawr thank you!! We're gunna work on some sort of playable for it.

@heytanuki thank you!! :purple_sparkling_heart: The goal has been wanting to make something that's totally bouncy and filled with joy.

@SuperCee omfg all the little poses she does when she switches columns T W T

Reading your posts, you joke like you're working on animations too much -- maybe I'm biased cus I'm an animator, but when this game comes out it's gonna have POLISH owo

really excited >W< <3

@redluli aw thank you! I guess I do keep mentioning working on more animations in this thread lol.

I'd just gotten used to working at a studio where we wouldn't even be given an artist for a project, let alone time to spend polishing and doing all the final art during design lol. It's been really nice and seems like a good process tbh (so far, anyway!)

@SuperCee I totally get you. At the animation studio I work at, We're given so little time to animate and we end up being rushed as heck -- but it's because we're shipping the clean-up overseas. But then the clean up comes back and we need to do retakes on them that take just as long as if we'd just... had more time to animate.

Maybe producers know something I don't ;xD But. Dang I just wish media in general would give artists more credit and give art more time to happen

@SuperCee These are JUST mock-ups? Do you have any intention of doing a full game of it? Because... gods help me for saying this, with my own workload... I'd love to see this game be real.

@lousycanuck ah this is very nice to offer! It started with just wanting to push myself to doing a few seconds of this game idea but quickly escalated to "we should make this" so wife and i will be putting together some sort of playable! (She's the coder, i'm the artist)

@SuperCee I’m loving everything you’re showing of this! The art is *so* adorable and her reactions are great.

@oolongstains thank you so much! I've been having so much fun setting up the art for it and tweaking all sorts of things. I'm both dreading having to breakdown all this art but I'm excited to get it into a playable. :purple_sparkling_heart:

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