@kithop really? Any chance you were in canada? I was just talking about seeing their videos so much on much music lol.

@SuperCee I, uh. *eyes profile*

Yes? :p I'm Canadian. Born in Ontario, moved out to BC when I was about 8, been here ever since.

@kithop what on earth! I don't see the Canada mention but you're in BC??? No one seems to be in BC lol. I'm in BC too.

@SuperCee To be fair it gets buried in the 'Location' bit on my profile near the end, but yeah, out in the Fraser Valley here, in Mission. ^.^

@kithop aaah i figured it would be the 'vancouver' area. That's really cool tho! I'm up in the mountains heh. I feel I never get to see much of anyone in BC, sorry! lol

@SuperCee Pff. I should take offense to being called from Vancouver. The Fraser Valley isn't Metro Vancouver; we don't even share the same transit system. ;p /s

(but no, I grew up in Coquitlam, which *is* Metro Van)

I did a big road trip through the rockies years ago. Kamloops, Jasper, Edmonton, Calgary, Nelson, and Osoyoos I think were where we stayed.

I really *really* loved Nelson and Jasper.

@kithop Sorry I should have said lower mainland lol. That whole area. If someone's in BC they'll be somewhere in there. We're near Kamloops. Really gorgeous around here.

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