@SuperCee now the question is:
Can I transfer my save data to it, back and forth (probs not I would say)

But still great!

@SuperCee I was watching YouTube last night and learned that game violated the Geneva Convention! XD

(Because they used to have red crosses on their first aid stuff, not for any like actually bad reason)

@SuperCee Also, this is the best idea for an Android game omg. :D

@mawr you better grab it before it gets taken down for war crimes! Lol

@SuperCee omg I remember hearing about this a while back and thinking "wow stardew valley would be a perfect mobile game"

I doubt I'd play it much though, sadly... since I'm always at my computer nowadays anyway and could just play it there

@Kaffe I feel like this is the best fit on switch but figured a buncha people would like this on phone!

@SuperCee good for people who can't afford a switch haha

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