Over the weekend I kept browsing steam and it was all just SO depressing. Like looking through that store, as a's soul-crushing. I can't get around it.

Then I remembered there's Itchio last night, I went browsing there and felt inspired and had a great time. It's wild the difference.

@SuperCee I literally have to hold myself back every time I browser Itch or Jolt because I will juat lose hours looking at all of the great ideas people put to practice on those plataforms. And I'm starting to only back devs through Itch/Jolt too.

@berserkx33 yeah I really need to make that change. only get Steam if there's NO other option. Itch is such a nicer experience!

@SuperCee I haven't really taken to use much yet, but I am aware of it, thanks to @maxine and it's certainly inspiring. Mostly I haven't used it much because I just haven't been looking to expand much and mental health.

Now when it comes to steam though... I never go to the store unless I want to hate myself really, if anything I may check the status of my wishlist once in a blue moon.

@ulvra I need to ease off of browsing Steam. Use the games I have, but stop just window shopping when I'm bored/sad lol. Keep game browsing to itch since it gives me life instead.

Definitely. I find it helps to change main screen away from the store. Often I forget it's even there, though having other distractions is good too.

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